End Tables – Nesting Table Plans

Questions to ask yourself.

If you enjoy feeding birds in your garden then a bird table is likely to be the most important thing you have. A bird table will encourage birds to return again and again to feast off the food you put on the table and the bits that drop on the ground.

This is by far the strongest construction method, most pleasing to the eye, and more costly than other materials that make up these occasional tables.  Most name brand end table manufactures use solid woods such as oak, cherry or mahogany in their designs.


Other Materials

Once you have decided who will sit where at the tables, it is time to decide what table each group will sit at. You don’t want the older folk directly behind the young and crazy twenty something’s that are ready to party all night. It may take some juggling, but before you know it, you will have the perfect seating arrangement for your wedding reception.

Your woodworking plans should include:

Make sure it is big enough – if it is too small you are likely to see more fighting than feeding. Larger birds may dominate the table so consider one with a roof which makes it harder for them to get at the food and gives smaller birds a chance to feed.

When you are ready to move your hobby up a notch and take your carpentry to the next level, be sure that your workshop has the tools you need to do a quality project. Everyone has standard twist bits for drilling, but woodworking is often enhanced by the use of paddle bits, hole saws or augur bits. The same is true for different types of saws, or perhaps special blades for standard powered saws.