Endless Ideas and Easy to Follow Birdhouse Construction Plans – birdhouse plans

I would also like to add that you need to be more discriminate in choosing the plans you’re going to use. You should choose plans which has clear and step by step instructions. On top of that, the blueprints should also have thorough working diagrams so you get to complete the project in the least time possible.

Next, you need to decide what kind of wood you are going to use. Like I said a minute ago, if you go with something like whitewood, you will save some money but the quality of the wood will be less and in return will give you a finished birdhouse with less quality. On the other hand, if you go with oak, the wood is a lot stronger and will give you a much stronger birdhouse in the end result. You could also choose the type of wood on the design in the grain of the wood. The whitewood is my favorite because it has a nice design in it and it is cheap, which allows me to build more birdhouses that look nice for cheaper.


Lastly, and most importantly, you need to decide just what your birdhouse is going to look like. You could build the basic birdhouse with four sides, the base, and slanted roof, or you could build a more decorative birdhouse with say eight sides, multiple rooms, a shingle roof, and a porch. This step is where your imagination comes into play. I suggest taking a piece of paper and drawing a quick sketch of what you would like to build. Next, draw out the different pieces that you will need to cut out to assemble the birdhouse. Then, all you have to do is figure out the angles, make the cuts, put it together, and paint it.

Once you build a bird house that attracts a bird family other species will be frequenting your yard to look for lodging. When you build a birdhouse it can be more enjoyable than you can imagine, but your experience will be greatly improved when you choose the right bird house plan.

You can also build a birdhouse using paper mache and balloons. The recipe for papier mache is newspaper strips boiled in water for thirty minutes and two cups of flour. You then construct this unusual round birdhouse by layering strips of papier-mache over the balloon but at the same time making sure that you leave a hole that will serve as the bird’s front door. Once the papier-mâché has dried you can pop the balloon, paint the papier-mâché with brightly colored paint and hang it in a tree.

Also, you have to keep them as far away from predators. Since they’re not so high above the ground, cats are a particular concern for their safety. Lastly, as much as possible, don’t use treated wood to build a cardinal birdhouse. There may be certain chemicals, particularly arsenic, that can be harmful to them.

If you want not just one but a flock of birds to adorn your yard, then you need to get your hands on Martin birdhouse plans because that’s what you need to be building. These specie of birds have such keen social instinct that you’ll need to build for multitudes of them to attract their presence.

6. DeWalt cordless tools: sawzall, skillsaw

Unfortunately, with all bird houses, there is maintenance. Birds will come and go throughout the years and you may want to clean out your bird house to prepare for new inhabitants. Having said that, it is wise to choose birdhouse plans that will accommodate for easy cleaning.