Essential Woodworking Power Tools – woodworking power tools

However, cordless drill are obviously more portable and most come with two battery packs. That way as long as you keep one plugged in at all times, you will not have to do much waiting.

Want the details? Read Tool Maintenance Made Easy for tips and advice.

The power drill is very useful woodworking tool to have around. It will allow you to easily make holes in a number different materials such as natural woods, man-made boards, metals, masonry, brick and stone. Although the corded model will be cheaper, the cordless model will give you more mobility. Batteries are usually one of two types, NiCad or Lithium-Ion.

2. Power Planer



This shop safety guide from Ohio State provides an excellent shop safety checklist… and then safety guides to many of the power tools mentioned above.

A belt sander is a tool that is used to quickly sand down wood. It is crucial for the finishing process. There are both hand-held belt sanders and fixed belt sanders.

OSHA delivers, more for the wood shop business owner, HAND AND PORTABLE POWERED TOOLS, which includes common repairs and things to watch for.