Father’s Day Craft Ideas – wood craft ideas

Quilts are a natural for decorating any country-styled room, and the kitchen is no exception. Quilted wall hangings are easy to make, even if you’ve never done much sewing or crafting. Although quilts made from cut and pieced fabric squares and shapes are certainly beautiful, starting with a printed fabric panel is usually easier for beginners. Most fabric and craft stores carry a wide variety of printed fabric panels, many of which are perfect for making quilted wall hangings. You’ll need a fabric panel that blends well with your kitchen d├ęcor, as well as fabric to use as the quilt backing, a piece of batting the same size as your fabric panel, and a needle and quilting thread. Or, you can plan on doing your quilting using a sewing machine, to make the work go quicker. Start by placing your printed fabric panel face down on the work table. Then, place the piece of batting on top. Finally, place the piece of backing material face up on top of the batting. Pin to hold the pieces together then flip the entire “fabric sandwich” over. Using a sewing machine or a needle and thread, sew through all the layers, creating the desired quilting pattern. You can add as little or as much quilting as you’d like to create the look you prefer. When finished, sew a strip of fabric around the outside of the quilted piece to cover the raw edges, add loops for hanging, and display on the kitchen wall.

This seashell crafts idea is best suited for tiny seashells. Purchase some simple, plain wine tags and hot glue a few small augers, horse conches or scallops to the ring. These add a detailed touch to your back-yard beach party and are useful in keeping owners united with their proper wine glasses.

Clear Glaze

When choosing the outfit for the time out doll you can be creative as you like. The cotton mittens are used for the hands. You will also need to make sure you either have a long sleeved top or add a skivvy under the outfit to cover the arms especially when making a girl doll. You need to always have some sort of hat on the doll as there is no face because they stand in a corner. Be creative.

5. Seashell Clock

Acrylic Paint (You want it to contrast with Base Coat)

Paint the keyhole black and let dry. Outline with gel pen.

10. Seashell Wine Glass Tags

Another great wood project idea is building a letter holder. You can teach your child about postage stamps during the process. It’s a quick and easy project to do. If you want to customize the letter holder let your child select their own choice of paint to add color to the piece. A fun and easy outdoor wood project is building a butterfly house. If you have a decent size backyard creating a structure that will attract beautiful monarch butterflies will amaze your child.

Decorative tape can be used for card making projects. They add instant style and theme to plain folded cardboard. Add a personalized message and send it to a dear family member or friend.