Folding Poker Tables – Poker Table Plans

To the delight of poker gamers everywhere, players are predicted to have their own customized table backgrounds for use in custom tournaments. Thus, boring, ordinary tables can be transformed into tailor-made tables that echo a poker player’s personality. It is better then to gain a critical overview of these supplies so you will know your way around and find the best poker table supplies for your poker game nights with your friends.

As a professional poker player you may not be interested in all the designs either. However, this table lacks a couple of basic features which are common in most of the poker table nowadays. It does not have cup holders which has become almost a standard feature in most poker tables nowadays. Some tables have an ash tray holder and a dealer tray also which is missing in this table. The table has an aluminum reinforced frame which gives stability to the table. The aluminum reinforced frame ensures that the table stays in shape for many years without the need for any repairs.

Surely, you never thought for a minute you could ever do something like that, did you? It’s really easy once you get the hang of it. By building your own poker table, you not only save a great deal of money but you also practice and develop your creativity and resourcefulness. What’s more, you can certainly appreciate this piece of furniture more as it was made and created by your own hands. Your friends and poker buddies, without a doubt, would look at you in a different light if you tell them that the table you use was forged from your own sweat and efforts.

The outside of the round ends is the most difficult part of the vinyl. You need to firmly stretch the vinyl up and over the rail and staple it. The end of the rail vinyl is already stapled. Start halfway between the end and the side. Then just keep going halfway between the stapled points, until it is all stapled in place. The trick here is to try to not have any creases in the vinyl. Once you have both ends stapled in place, then cut off any excess vinyl. Located the holes for the rail bolts and cut them open.

When checking out the product at the shop, I found that it was amazingly simple to make the table at home. I used the demo 30″ wide table top and the whole table was ready within 20 minutes. Ofcourse, I have done this thing before also. However, even if you are a novice you can fix it in an hour. There are guides available which will help you to cruise through the fixture process. The advantage of using the DYI Poker Table Legs is the options that you can get on the table tops. In a shop, you may not get the poker table, which matches your choice exactly. By using parts you can create a designer table and at a lesser cost too.

The primary materials you should prepare prior to construction are: plywood or hardwood, folding table, foam padding, poker cloth and railing padding. You should also have the following tools and hardware available: staples and staple gun, wood screws, screwdriver, pencil, string, scissors, tape measure, sandpaper, adhesive, jigsaw/circle saw, and countersunk finish and flat washers.

Measure out 20″ from the marked spot and draw a semi circle. Repeat on other side. This has created the inside edges of the rail.

The Suited Blue Table material is one of the best material available in the market. If you are a poker connoisseur, you will definitely like to try this one out in your living room. Online retailers offer substantial discounts on different poker articles. You can get the Suited Blue Poker Table material for as less as $9 per yard. The next time you are planning to change the surface of your poker table, I am sure you got a good pick.

If you set up a roaming home game, folding poker tables where the legs fold up are almost a necessity. There are several less expensive poker table tops available as well as poker furniture that easily converts into a poker dining table. Eat then Play. These are beautiful poker game tables, but most are not very portable. They are more like poker furniture.

When looking at folding poker tables, be sure that it comes with accessories such as slots for your poker chips and cup holders for your drinks. The extra cost is usually very little but these items alone are definitely well worth it.