Free Bird Feeder Plans

Free plans for bird feeders including suet feeders, platform feeders, wood hopper feeders and more.

Attract a wide variety of birds with a bird feeder you build yourself or with your kids. Choose from a simple bird feeder to an elegant bird feeder and build it with one of the plans below.

Build a bird feeder for endless hours of backyard bird watching pleasure.

Wood Bird Feeder

This simple bird feeder allows for gravity feeding, the hinged roof allows for easy filling, and this feeder has plenty of room for hungry birds.

Hex Platform Bird Feeder

This platform bird feeder has a screen so the rain can run through and the bird seed will dry out well after the rain.

Build a Simple Swinging Bird Feeder

Learn how to build your own bird buffet and attract wild birds all year long.

Birdhouse/Bird Feeder

Make your own birdhouse and bird feeder in one! Use birdseed biscuits or a solid birdseed block and your bird visitors will be satisfied and refreshed.

McTweet Cafe Bird Feeder

This bird feeder features a top that slides up a cord, allowing you to easily remove the seed bottle. Seed bottle is a regular water bottle.

Easy Platform Feeder

Build a tray birdfeeder from one board – great beginner’s project.

Simple Bird Feeder

For birds who would rather land on a platform to eat, this feeder will be an inviting stop. The ¼ inch wire mesh holds enough suet to last a long time.

Large Self Feeder

Mount this easy large hopper feeder on a post in your yard for all your fine feathered friends.

A Simple Bird Feeder
Step by step instructions for building a bird feeder that is easy to fill with birdseed and can stand on its own.

Platform Bird Feeder

Build a wooden hexagon-shaped bird feeder that has a screened bottom to allow bird seed to dry out when conditions are wet.

Hardware cloth suet feeder plans

Construct a suet feeder by following this plan with diagrams and materials list.


Build a simple bird feeder that has a roof that opens for easy filling of bird feed. Easily holds up to 6 lbs. of feed.

Build a Bird Feeder

This bird feeder can be secured on top of a post or hung from a tree with a wire.

Log Bird Feeder for Peanut Butter Suet

An easy suet bird feeder plan for using a log of any length as a feeder. Includes a recipe for suet.

Castle Song Bird Feeder

This bird feeder is a large 18″ tall vertical feeder for your back yard. It will accommodate 6 feeding song birds at one time through squirrel proof holes.

Hopper Bird Feeder Plans

To fill this cleverly designed bird feeder with seed, turn the threaded rod that serves as a hook. Then, simply lift up the roof and add the bird seed.

Simple Bird Feeder
A few pieces of ½ inch thick pine cut to the sizes indicated in the drawing will make a very inviting small feeding station for your feathered friends who stay in your vicinity during the cold winter months.


The design of this birdfeeder has clear plastic sides to show the feed level. It is strong enough to hold 6 pounds of feed and has a hinged roof for easy refilling.

Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Want to make a fun and simple bird feeder? Free simple directions on making a bird feeder out of pine cones.

Bird Feeder Plans

Crafty has flocks more of free bird feeder and bird house plans!