Free Christmas Crafts Ideas For You – Free Wood Craft Patterns

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned master of the craft, you can find patterns for almost any kind of wood project. Perhaps you are a beginner yourself or want to work with a grandchild or someone who is new to woodworking; if so there are a variety of ideas available from such simple projects as a cutting board or bird house to wooden toys. If on the other hand you are more accomplished, you can also find many plans for more complicated projects such as bookcases or detailed and complex pieces of furniture. For those especially ambitious, there are even plans to build a complete home.

For those of you whom feel that your interior doesn’t require additional refinement, I applaud you. Congratulations on having the resolve to stand tight with factory complacency. For the rest of us who are always on the search for extra luxury wherever we can find it, wood dash kits offer a glorious escape from the boring and monotonous “style-free zone” that most dash consoles come off the line with (or without, rather). Wood dash kits are more than an automotive accessory; they are a “second chance” at elegance that only few other options provide. They are also surprisingly affordable, given their far-reaching capability. So if you’ve ever thought that your vehicle needed an upgrade in identity, a suggestive and enduring dash kit may very well be the answer.

What about the special days of the year like Christmas and Birthdays etc? Handmade gifts are such a special thing to give and receive and are often a lot cheaper than retail shop prices. You could make a batch of beautiful handmade soaps and/or a lovely homemade facial scrub and grab a couple of wicker baskets and place your items in and cover with a pretty cellophane and ribbon and have beautiful and unique gifts for people. Cards are also a very expensive item on their own sometimes without even thinking of a present too! Handmade cards are easy to do and can really add the personal touch to a gift.

Jig saw-This saw is a versatile tool for woodworking. It can cut dowels to size or cut simple shapes that have been drawn out on wood.

Finding books online: You should check for free versions of older books before buying older ones to download, as many are now in the public domain (the ones people charge money for have often been reformatted in some way). Searching for specific terms, like “embroidery” instead of “sewing or “knitting” instead of “craft” is often necessary, as there are few keywords in free books descriptions to help you find them!

After the Winter Holidays are gone and we stop for making an assessment of the budget spent we constantly face a disturbing truth: many of the expenditures we have made do not justify, as we did not even need the things we bought or we could have obtained them in other ways. One of the easiest ways to have many of the things we need for Christmas is crafting them.

Simply defined, decoupage is the art of cutting out designs from paper or other flat material, then applying in a decorative pattern to a surface and coating with lacquer or glue.


Wood carving has been around since the days of cavemen. With time, it has become quite an impressive art to behold. It’s very relaxing, often exhilarating and extremely satisfying. If you’re looking for a hobby, wood carving could be just what you’re looking for.

Sander-An electric sander will give faster results than sanding by hand, which can overwhelm some wood crafters. Some electric sanders are even small enough to reach tight corners.