Free Storage Shed Plans – storage shed plans

A storage shed can be built using the basic carpentry skills and following that free storage shed plans. While searching the web for plans, you will come across several plans that may suit your requirement as design. Bit by bit information will be given in it along with photographs and illustrations.

1. Determine the Size of the Shed

If you’re trying to build a permanent storage shed, you might as well pay attention to its foundation. Most of these plans are equipped with concrete foundation, unless you’re trying to build a mobile shed plan.

Roof plans
Roof plans vary in different ways. There are various designs to choose from like those equipped to withstand the weather outside and the kind of woodworking storage you’re building.

So what are your options as far as planning and designing a storage unit? You can purchase a prefabricated storage shed, but these can be difficult to assemble and they can also be quite expensive when you consider what is actually included in your kit. Another option is to find simple, easy to follow DIY storage shed plans on the Internet.

Be sure of the size of storage shed you want to build! Many people purchase storage shed plans, only to realize after the fact they should have built a bigger shed. Consider all that you will be storing, and if you will use your shed as a workshop. Extra space is needed around the work area for walking if you do plan to use your storage shed as a workshop also.

Let us discuss some of those free storage shed plans that are easily available on the internet –

If you don’t want to purchase a shed kit, there are other options out there. Of course you can hire someone to build your shed for you. This can be quite expensive though, so its up to you what you want to do. You can also buy a storage shed kit, which is a kit that includes diagrams, materials and plans. Here are a few things included in the storage kits:

Once the preliminary work has been done, you can choose the plans which best fit your style. Your plans should be accurate blueprint and include detailed instructions.  They must come with a complete list of materials to use so you can easily use this as a reference when you are fulfilling the buildlist for your new shed. Good storage shed plans must come with complete instructions on how to install the windows, doors and  framing details so nothing would be left to guesswork, especially when you are new at construction.