Girls Jewelry Boxes – jewelry box plans

2.) Guardian Angel Jewelry Box – This jewelry holding box features two young children being guided across a rickety, old bridge by a guardian angel. The bridge is massive and looks to be over a large waterfall and some rocks. While this box would make a great gift for anybody, it would be best given to a child because of what is on the front. This jewelry box could make a solid Baptism, Communion, or Confirmation gift. The scene on the top of this box is also outlined with gold trim, which makes it look very elegant.

Making a box can also be difficult if you don’t know much about hinges, lids, and trays. The sides are the simplest part to assemble, but the rest can be quite complicated unless you have a detailed plan and knowledge about reading plans. Large chests with multiple drawers and compartments are more complex than they appear. If you buy a kit and make a mistake, you might have to buy a new kit.


What Makes an Exceptional Jewelry Box?
There is a lot of propaganda in today’s promotions about quality. It has become an empty word. Quality should have good joinery techniques and completely utilize the inside of a project.

A tarnish-proof fabric with gold and leather accents can be highly-stylized. As men usually like to carry around with them light stuff, it’s important that it’s made of lightweight materials. To better suit the gift to the person to whom it would be given, choose well what is most appreciated. If he likes the classic and timeless atmosphere on things, choose an organizer made of wood covered with leather. However, if he sports a modern look, then a stainless steel jewelry box with a metallic modern look will best suit him. Have his name carved or embossed on the organizer to add a personalized and intimate touch to it. Some jewelry box artisans usually welcome customizations like that. This would be an ideal gift for men, a favorite item for any gift-giving season.

When browsing for possible wooden jewelry boxes to purchase, or when admiring the one you already possess, it may occur to you to wonder just what kind of people design and construct such things. Wooden jewelry boxes are exquisite works of functional art, and it takes people with a wide range of talents to create them.

Here are some tips to rightly install the hinges on the jewelry box.

If you’re in the process of planning for a wedding, there are lots of wedding accessories and small things that you need to keep in mind and make sure that you have for the special day. These include favors for all of your guests that attend the wedding, a present for each of your attendants, both bridesmaids and groomsmen, and of course a gift to give to your significant other on that special day. One really nice, simple gift that could serve one or all of these purposes is to give personalized jewelry boxes.

If you plan to display the box, look for box that goes well with your furniture, on the hand if you plan to keep it in a cupboard or closet, choose something that matches your style and taste. In terms of durability wooden and metal boxes are better; however, if you intend to travel with your box a less bulky leather box would be more suitable for you.

4.) Immaculate Conception Jewelry Box – This wonderful, Catholic box plays music when you open it and features a very delicate inner lining of velvet. This box would make a wonderful present for a new mother, or you could give it to your mother for Mother’s Day. On the front, lined with a nice trimming, is a scene of Mary. She gave birth to Jesus although she was still a virgin. On this box she is surrounded by babies. She is standing on a cloud and seems to be keeping a watch over the many children in front of her. This symbolizes her position as the mother of the Church, who keeps a watch over all that goes on to her children the followers of the Catholic faith.