Go – Cart Plans

These are the top five, there are others, but the main thing to look for is simplicity, low cost, and “can I actually follow these plans and make something?”

When a business begins conducting transactions online, a customer must be able to browse around – similar to how she might browse through a grocery store. She might go up and down the aisles, placing items into her grocery basket, then changing her mind and removing some of them. Online, you can allow a customer this same level of flexibility with an ecommerce shopping cart.

3. Ease of use. You need to consider ease of use, both from the merchant and the customer perspectives. As a merchant you want a system that will allow you to easily add new products and content (hint – look for carts that support importing from a spreadsheet). Look at sites that already use the cart you are considering and see how it handles things like putting items in the cart and checkout.

The drive system usually is either the last or the most overlooked item on the go-kart. Typically a go-kart will be designed with too little ratio causing the go-kart clutch to smoke. Additionally the go-kart will require pushing to get it to start. The go-kart will also have crummy acceleration and obviously not be able to climb any sort of hill. This is where most give up and throw in the towel, because it seems that lots of dollars are going to be needed to get this go-kart to work properly, if at all.

An even easier way to build your own go cart is to buy a go cart building kit. Kits can be ordered online and they include every material you need to complete your own go cart, even the engine. Young kids are capable of completing a project themselves by following the guide included with go cart kits. The kits will be more expensive than using scrap materials, but you will probably have a sharper looking end product, although the quality or look of a go cart is not why all people build their own. Go cart kits are great for those who want to save time by not having to search for the building materials, but some people still prefer getting all done themselves, completely from scratch. The choice is yours.



Well the endeavor was pretty lofty to begin with. I did make some headway, but it was too little too late by the time the three days were up. We managed to scrape together a go-kart frame, but the lawnmower engine part was elusive and difficult.

The weight of each type of bag varies, most of the bags weigh between six and nine and a half pounds, empty.

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