Good Woodworking Table Plan Tips – Woodworking Table Plans


The free projects cover a wide range of wood projects. For example the Accessories plan category has free wood project plans for wood nesting trays, a Shaker-Style Coat and Mitten Rack, and a Arts & Crafts Table Lamp. Other project categories include Free Furniture projects, Outdoor plans including free plans with instructions for building a porch swing, a garden bench and a planter. The Storage project plans category include stackable shelves, a Hard Maple Kitchen Shelf, and a CD Holder.

It should have step by step instructions, as well as several images and diagrams. Well, this is a given, but you’d be surprised at the number of coffee table plans available online that give ‘details’ of the do-it-yourself process that hardly anyone, even handy-men, understand.

Like most tables, you start with building the frame first. The frame is similar to a circular picnic table. Next, make the table top. One helpful hint for the table top: make it in eight equal sections. Then you just attach the sections to frame, and your table looks great! When you attach the table top, use a drill to create pilot holes for your nails. This will prevent the wood from splitting – always a pain after you’ve already put part of it together! Lastly, you attach the benches.

Lots of people decide to make their own coffee tables. If you can’t find the table that seems to fit just perfectly with the rest of your house, you can make one that suits your needs. Maybe you want a custom coffee table built with a glass top and exotic woods that is hard to find.

I always wondered if you really needed woodworking plans to make a picnic table. They seem so simple to put together – make a table top, attach the legs. It should have been easy, right? Well, when I tried to make a basic picnic table for my kids, I found it was a lot harder than I thought.

Most woodworkers (me included) finds ideas for the next wood project by doing a search for free woodworking project plans on the web. I’m sure the only reason you’re reading this article right now was you stumbled on it while doing your free plan research.


Imagine what your friends and family would say when they see that you have created such a nice table from scratch! It can be done and it can be done with the right plans! Do not forget too that a lot of the plans that you can download will come with more than just a woodworking table plan!

Remember that coffee tables aren’t just four-sided things standing on something. They are both functional AND decorative, so choose a plan with a “final product” image that would look nice. It should be well-designed and since they can be accent pieces, you have a wide range of styles to consider. It can be a glass-topped modern piece or an intricately patterned woodworking ‘masterpiece’.