Grape Trellis Types – Trellis Plans

If you decide to buy a trellis, precise measurement and planning should be done ahead of time as grape trellises do not come cheaply. This is an option that many homeowners looking to grow only a small quantity of grapes end up choosing. Often this can be the best option for people looking for their very own urban vineyard.

1. Support: Whether you have a cedar trellis, a plastic trellis or a metal trellis, the most obvious way to use it is simply to support a vine or climbing plant. In this case, the trellis may be secured directly in the ground or inserted into the soil in an appropriately sized flower pot or planter. This adds some height to your garden’s profile and is very pleasing to the eye. Beautiful blooms and appealing fragrances are an added bonus.

Most people that grow grapes prefer to just buy ready-made trellises, but if you wish to make your own there are more than enough self-help guides to teach you how to do so. Just always remember that there are numerous ways to construct a trellis as long as you keep in mind their ultimate purpose – supporting your grapevines.

Having said all of the above, here are four different ways to use trellises in your garden and this is where things get fun and creative.

2. Privacy: Trellises, with or without plants, can create a certain amount of privacy in your yard and garden. They can screen unpleasant views and prevent others from seeing into your personal spaces so you can enjoy the outdoors in a more relaxed way… doesn’t that sound good?

The next phase is to tie on the vertical strings. These are spaced according to the chosen grid size and knotted tightly at every intersecting horizontal string. When all the strings are tied together into the net, the pieces of tape can be removed and the net will fall away from the door frame. The netting is now ready to hang on a trellis in the garden to show off our beautiful flowers or support a crop of vegetable vines.

There are a variety of trellises that you can build. Some popular trellis styles include planter trellises, panel trellises, fence trellises, arch trellises, and wall trellises. The trellis that you decide to build will depend on the functionality that you need for it to perform. You’ll be happy to know that even with a very limited knowledge of woodworking, most trellis plans are easy to customize and create your own unique design that will still provide all of the functionality of their original design.


The end posts will look a little different from your line posts. There are several methods for bracing the end of a grape trellis. The idea is to provide extra support and tension on the wires. Your grapevines will significantly increase in weight over the growing season. The weight will naturally pull your posts inward. The end posts, along will an anchoring system will help counteract that force.

Using a post hole digger, bury all of the posts in the ground down to at least 2 inches deep. You should bury your end posts a little deeper than you line posts.