Guide to Choosing the Best Wine Rack Kit – Wine Rack Plans

The Space

Different racks come with different features. There are some with tasting tables, revolving racks and some with dropped down serving trays. There are many choices and features in every price range, from simple stackable ones to the very beautiful high-end cabinets that are made out of mahogany.

In order to make a good decision about which one to buy, you will need to decide how much wine you will plan to store long-term. Try to anticipate what your needs are today and what your long-term needs will be. Will you be storing a few bottles or will you be storing a few hundred bottles? The good news is that there are many different shapes and sizes of storage systems to choose from.

With regards to the sizes of the racks, a good quality guide will show you the exact measurements and appropriate placement of a specific wine rack project. For example, small wine rack plans are suggested for countertop or table spaces, with which the end product could hold up to 6 bottles. The medium-sized ones are for 15 bottles that could be placed right beside the breakfast or dining table. And the large racks that could hold up to a hundred bottles will be recommended to be built in the basement area or separate room.

There are a few final things to consider before choosing the right wine rack for your collection.First, make sure the rack is strong enough to hold all of your wine bottles. This also includes any future additions to the collection.Secondly, make sure that all wine bottles are kept on their side, as this allows for the cork to stay moist and your wine to stay fresh.

These plans could be very suitable for beginners as these contain specific details for every project. Each project may include the step-by-step instructions, patterns, diagrams and blueprints, which could definitely make your job as a beginning builder a lot easier.

Racks that are well thought out and appropriately placed and displayed exude confidence in your ability to pick and select great wines. Your storage decision should include not only how to beautifully and attractively store wine to reflect your personality, but also how you will serve, display and house the accessories.  In order to do that effectively, you will need to have a visual picture of the storage system in your home, know the size dimensions and holding capacity and get detailed product information in order to make the best buying decision.

1) Make Sure You Find A Cool Dark Place To House Your Wine Rack

Those bottle slots have to be the right shape. Their job is to hold the wine, usually at a slight angle and to sleeve it comfortably. You might even want different sizes based upon the standard sizes in which wine bottles come, plus a few slots for oversized or small, slimmer bottles. A good rack plan will outline how to do this and provide you with precise measurements that eliminate the guesswork.

The second method is referred to as the individual stacking design, where each bottle has its own place within the rack, not touching any other bottles. This method allows for easy access of wine bottles, especially if you intend to store many different wine labels, with fewer quantities of each. However, this method also takes more time and more material to create.