Heat Treated Wood – Outdoor Wood Projects

Tip 4: Create sound, movement, and visual interest

White cedar is used in landscaping, fencing, shingles, decks, log homes and for outdoor furniture, where its natural oils deter pests and mold. Adding an extra layer of protection (either stains, paints or polyurethanes) to cedar is smart insurance against possible premature wear. If you want protection and prefer not to see your outdoor furniture’s grain, paints provide a layer of color that will keep the wood safely hidden from the elements.

The key to building solid, long lasting, quality outdoor wood storage sheds is all in the plans. To often people end up buying plans that have hard to read drawings, incomplete instructions and no material lists. If you end up with a set of plans like this your shed project can turn into more than just a project, it can turn into a disaster.

However, the best results for coating heat treated wood seem to come from a special water-based primer that is resistant to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. That primer however, even had to be followed by a special top coat that gets applied in two coats. For best results, use a top coat that has been modified so that it works well on heat treated lumber. Also to expand the life of wood used outdoors, use enhanced low VOC-penetrating products.

As long as you care for your outdoor wood projects properly, you shouldn’t have to worry about having to replace the wood often.

2. Create wagons, easels, toys, clocks, and chairs for children.

Tip 2: Separate your seating from your grill area

A shed is also needed if you have a garden and you are interested in plants. All the things needed for the gardening can be kept in the shed, including things like shovels, hoses, rakes and other utility stuff. These are better stored in a shed than in the garage, as many people do. If you use flammable materials like gasoline and kerosene, they would be better off in a shed than inside the house.

These ideas for wood projects are just a few of the many wonders wood can make. You can expand this selection and invent more ways to maximize the potentials of wood. But remember that excellence is what will set you apart from other woodworkers. Begin building your dream business with the best and most complete woodworking guide available.

Early versions of heat treatment made wood very brittle and dry, although today the process has been optimized to solve these problems. Now lumber that has been treated with heat is exceptionally strong. The durability and longevity of heat treated lumber can be extended and even increased by properly finishing and coating your projects after they are complete.