Hexagon Picnic Table Plans – Picnic Table Plans

While choosing your basic picnic table plans, you would have to consider a few things. As you are a beginner to woodworking projects, you should go in for a simple top, either rectangular or square. The legs should also not be too complicated. You may give a miss to features like attached benches or an umbrella as this is a basic construction. An adjustable or strangely shaped construction is also best avoided to keep things simple.

I had already brought a great set of child’s picnic table plans so I could simply follow them.

“Ok – lets bite the bullet, get out my dusty tool box and get started”

An octagonal table is both attractive and large. However, the sides can be a little narrow if you are seating folks over 200 pounds. I would make sure to leave the benches detached if this is the case, so each person can scoot their bench out as far as necessary. One of the nicest features of this type of table is that each person has their own defined space. The biggest drawback is that you are limited to eight people, so if you are entertaining more than that, you need a second table.

2. The material list included in octagon shaped picnic table plans is one of the most time and money saving aspects of the plan. You know how much wood and hardware to buy right away. It is easy to over or under estimate the amount of material needed. How many times have you thought you had it all figured it out to find that you were wrong? It very upsetting to find that you have either too much or too little of what it takes! You can also take the list to various suppliers to get the best deal on your materials and, since list includes everything down to the last nail, it will save you lots of trips to the hardware store and a bunch of money in the process.

After buying the materials and picking the girls up from basketball I was left with a day and a half of my holidays left to complete this project. To my surprise the whole process was pretty simple. The plans I had brought earlier basically told me exactly what to do, the one thing they forgot to mention was that when you miss the nail and hit your finger with your hammer it really hurts.

Style Considerations

Have you thrown a party in your garden where you made great food and drinks and your guests almost had a great time? Almost, because the only thing missing was a good octagon picnic table where all of your guests could sit together and enjoy the sumptuous fare. A lot of guests may have ended up having their food standing, with only a few lucky ones managing to find seats. Octagon picnic table plans and drawings are just what you need to make a great picnic table yourself.

He started Saturday morning as usual, and my two sons joined in on the fun. With the instructions and the diagrams that were provided, everyone was able to follow along and get their hands in on the project. It was a fun time for all of them. At the end, we had a very nice and functional table that will last forever as they used pretreated wood to stand the weather. It will be nice to have our weekend bread breaking at the table for years to come.

Materials and Tools