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Think about the luxury home floor plan he probably had in his New York City apartment valued at seven million dollars. New York City has some of the most expensive price per square foot amounts in the world. The crowded city with its impressive skyscrapers is not cheap to live in. It is obvious that Madoff had a place in the right part of Manhattan with a great floor plan. He was living the good life of a New York City millionaire while the charitable organizations whose trust he was “investing” were working to make the poor of the city a little more comfortable.

We know the story now. Bernard Madoff conned thousands of investors into thinking they were making tons of money while in fact he was pocketing their investments through a complex Ponzi scheme. He was the one making the millions. The investors were making nothing. The sad fact is that the investors who lost by believing in Madoff will not know the luxury that he knew.

To gain these and other advantages, we suggest that homeowners look for the following visualization tools when selecting home plans:

This is true of homes in the mountains versus homes on the prairies and homes in the south. The soils and weather all play a part on what can be grown and what can’t. Although, in the southwest people are trying to grow plants that aren’t necessarily right for the climate but can grow with enough water.

Building a new home involves a complex set of tasks, performed by a number of unrelated subcontractors working toward a common goal. If the tasks are not coordinated, the labor is not managed and the goal is not well defined, the entire process will turn to chaos and the final results will be less than satisfying. A complete and comprehensive set of construction documents (a.k.a. blue prints or house plans) is the ideal tool to organize and manger your home building project. Home plans include a full color rendering of the future home, side and rear elevations detailing the exterior materials required, foundation details, a sophisticated roof plan and a dimensional floor plan that is concise and clear. Advanced plan sets should include material lists, assembly guides and virtual models that ensure the home is built properly and efficiently.   

The interior of modern log houses is posh and luxurious. Unlike pioneering log cabins, floors and walls are made of all types of materials. Log home floor plans are like any other because you choose structures and materials according to your personal preferences. Keep the natural beauty with exposed roof beams or select a traditional roof. Strong, stable log homes breathe to minimize humidity. Because of their durability, log homes have great resale value and are attractive to insurance companies.

Often your house is the largest asset you will ever own. You spend everyday in your home so it should fully meet all your basic needs. Luxurious homes with alluring amenities are more attainable than you think. You don’t have to be a wealthy celebrity or billionaire mogul to live in a luxury home. Customized floor plans make it possible to live your dream life without breaking the bank.

4. Fewer mistakes. Many different people are involved in manifesting a set of house plans into a real building. Contractors, plumbers, electricians and architects need quick access to home plans so as to understand their own duties. Having different visualization formats makes misunderstanding less likely. This means less money is wasted on fixing mistakes.

Roof plan. A roof plan shows everything your builder will require to create a stalwart roof. Downspouts, vents, cutters and roof framing instructions are indicated in roof plans, which also include information on the home’s structural engineering.

For centuries, people have appreciated the rustic beauty of log houses. Their sturdy, natural construction is durable and appealing. Consider log house plans that combine the antiquity of yesterday with updated amenities of today.