Home Poker Table – Poker Table Plans

-Assemble Bottom piece to Top/Middle Pieces-

Generally speaking, they usually come between 38-58 inches on top, although you can get them much bigger if you purchase a tournament style one. Obviously, the bigger they are, you can be sure to keep your carpet clean off stains.

Have the table top laying flat with the bottom side up. Lay the frame on top of the table top. Make sure that the frame is centered in both directions on the top. Use a pencil to outline the frame onto the table top. Outline both inside and outside of frame, including the center support and leg mounts.

The Third semi circle to will be for the table top piece. Measure 22 ΒΌ ” from the marked spot. Draw a semi circle at both ends. Now draw a straight line along both sides to connect the two semi circles.

One of the first things you need to consider is how much you plan on spending as this will make a huge impact on the type of table you get. While you can easily find cheap folding poker tables online or at a department store, they are usually not worth it. Expect to spend at least $50 on a quality poker table.

Step 1 – Layout Table Top and Rail Pieces

Also, there are all kinds of levels of furniture poker tables you can purchase. Very simply, depending on how much dough you are willing to spend, you can buy mahogany tables, cherry, leather, etc. of course, you can also purchase typical tables without any of these luxuries, so no matter what your budget may be, there are great tables that will fit your needs.

The first Semi circles will be for the outside edge of the bottom rail piece. Measure out 24″ from the marked spots (this will be to the edge of MDF). Draw a semi circle from one side of the sheet of MDF to the other creating the semi circle. Repeat on other end.

Step 11 – Installing T-Bolt Nuts into Rail

After you have ascertained the measurement and physical aspects of your table, next is you should prepare all necessary materials, tools and hardware. The materials depend on your preferences but it is suggested to consider the quality and grade of materials such as the wood, foam and padding before buying. Try to ascertain what materials are available in your local hardware stores and select the finest and most reasonably priced.