How to Build a Poker Table – Router Table Plans

Finish cut each leg to 26 ½ “. Cut off a portion of each end of each leg to ensure that both ends of the leg have a finished cut. Light sand with the orbital sander.

The D-shaped handle base provides a trigger for making your router switch off and on. It is rather handy. The actual base you select is dependent on your individual preference. Each type are extremely effective. If you are planning to accomplish quite a lot using the router, think about investing in a kit which has the two bases, letting you interchange these.

Next, wrap the inside of the round ends. Cut the triangle shaped pieces in half, making 8 triangle shaped pieces. Start on one side and take the first pieces and pull it tight and staple it in place. Continue around the end of the rail stapling each piece into place. Repeat on other side and trim off excess vinyl.

Locate the spot 24″ in from the end and 24″ in from the side; mark it. Do the same at the other end. These are the spots that will produce the radiuses for the semi circles.

You may skimp on this item, but I think you will be sorry in the end. It seems prudent to get a 3/8″ solid aluminum one with inserts that are easy to change. They remain flat, and are easy to exchange the inserts. It is best to have an insert that accepts PC guide bushings. A couple of different size inserts are good for larger router bits. Woodpecker makes a top quality one. Once in awhile you can find them on sale.

Both the table and the rail need to have the foam applied to them.

To construct a table that’s safe and will stand the test of time you need to have 3 things:-

You can purchase one through various vendors/catalogs. You will learn more about woodworking if you make your own. Making your own will evolve over time.