How to Build a Window Flower Box

How to Build a Window Flower Box

How to Create a Window Flower Box

This is a great style for a flower box that I got from Bob Villa. This is the very best I have ever seen and I have it on every single window in my residence. The wife loves them. Each and every spring we load up the boxes with flower and the smell from the flower overwhelms the home. Try it, in diffcultly, effectively its in the substantial 2s to lower 3s on a scale of one to 5. Have Entertaining!

Western red cedar was used to construct this window flower box project in one particular day. The naturally weather- and insect-resistant attributes of western red cedar wood make it an ideal decision for outdoor use.

* 1 1/2-Inch brass screws
* Band saw
* Brad nails
* Clamps
* Countersink bit
* Drill
* L-brackets
* Miter noticed
* Nailer
* Pencil
* Router table

The bottom of the window box is produced from 1 X 8 stock, minimize to what ever length you would like the box to be. The front and back of the box is created from 1 X 6 boards, and the supports on the ends of the box is made from 2 x 6s. The trim on the front and sides of the box is ripped from 1 x 6 stock and will be comprised of 3 pieces. There is a cove molding of 3/4-inch by 1 one/two-inch, a 1/two-inch by 1/two-inch band molding and a 2 one/four-inch by three 1/four-inch cap. Last but not least, there are 4 sets of corbels, created from 2 X 6 stock and minimize to form.

Western red cedar was chosen for its naturally resistant attributes.

Reduce the pieces for the box to your sought after length. Temporarily clamp the bottom, sides and ribs together.

Clamp the box with each other temporarily.

Use a spacer block to mark the location of the cross braces on the front and back of the box.

Mark the cross brace spot.

Use a tapered countersinking drill bit to drill pilot holes into the box sides and cross braces. Drill two evenly spaced holes for each and every side of every single cross brace.

Drill 1 pilot hole for every screw.

Fasten the box collectively using 1 one/two-inch brass screws driven into every single pilot hole.

Use one 1/2-inch brass screws.

Use a router or router table to make cove molding out of 1 one/two-inch by 3/four-inch Western red cedar stock. Lower enough cove molding to cover the front and sides of the window box.

Use a routing table to make cove molding.

Utilizing a miter noticed, cut a 45-degree angle into each ends of the cove molding.

Use a miter noticed to make the cut.

Fasten the molding in place using stainless-steel, 1 one/four-inch brads. Area the brads about 5 inches apart.

Nail the molding in area with brads.

Measure the length of cedar to be utilised as band molding. Make 45-degree cuts on either finish of the molding using a miter saw. Fasten the band molding above the cove molding making use of brads.

Fasten the trim to the cove molding.

Follow methods #6 to #9 to measure and reduce the cove molding for the sides of the window box. Make a 45- degree miter lower on each ends of the cove molding. Fasten the cove molding to the sides with brads. Measure and cut the 1/two-inch trim, and fasten it in spot above the cove molding.

Fasten the trim in excess of the cove molding on the sides of the box.

Finish the box trim by attaching the cap piece along the front and sides of the box.

Fasten the cap piece in area along the sides.

The corbels will be lower from 2 X six western red cedar stock. Transfer the pattern from one particular corbel to one more, and minimize the piece using a band saw.

Reduce the corbel from 2 X six western red cedar stock.

The flower box will be installed using galvanized L-brackets. Screw the L-brackets into the studs behind the clapboard. Drive screws by means of the back side of the window box and into the studs to further safe the box.

Screw the L-brackets to the studs.

The corbels will be secured in place over the L-brackets. Position the corbel and drive screws through the bottom of the flower box and into the corbel. Carry on for all the corbels. The western red cedar window box is ready for planting.

Drive screws by means of the bottom of the flower box and into each and every corbel.