How to Build a Wine Rack? DIY – wine rack plans

Do you intend to use the wine rack as a storage place or as a showcase? If that is the later, take a look at alternative construction notes to generate ideas for customization and to give it a more decorative feel through good finishing, intricate woodwork patterns and all. Applying veneer could also do wonders for your wine rack.

The first thing you should do is honestly evaluate your collection and its potential for growth.If you only plan on keeping 10 – 20 bottles at a time, it certainly doesn’t make sense to purchase a wine rack that holds hundreds of bottles. On the other hand, if you plan on increasing your collection, make sure you buy a wine rack with plenty of space.

Keep wine in a constant state of the ideal temperature. If you are planning to store wines for more than a year, then refrigeration of both white and red wines are recommended.

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Do you know that you can build a wine rack that looks both expensive and classy? You can dress up your wine rack relatively inexpensively by using veneer. In case you didn’t know, wood veneer is real wood!

Don’t worry about how a wine rack will affect the wine’s flavor. Where you store your wine is far more important than how you store it. Wine should be kept in a consistently cool, dark, slightly humid place. Keep the temperature between 50 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat or light can cook the wine and spoil it. Store the wine horizontally so that the wine keeps the cork wet. Never put wine on top of the refrigerator — it will ruin the wine. Find a place in your home to store your wine, and then shop for a wine rack that will fit there.

Plywood manufacturers are constantly pressured to keep prices low. Quality is often the first thing to be sacrificed. When buying plywood, look at the face veneer, if it is to be exposed. The grain should resemble several pieces of solid wood, 6″ to 8″ wide. Every other piece should be a mirror image of the next one. This is an indication of good veneer. Such bookmatched, plain-sliced veneer costs considerably more, but it is worth the investment if you want to build an attractive wine rack.

Wrought iron wine racks are some of the most traditional wine racks. They can be simple and elegant with clean lines, or gracefully curvy. Wine racks made from chrome or steel are prefect for modern d├ęcors. Search the Internet for great deals on wine racks of a variety of styles and sizes.

So, you think building a wine rack looks pretty easy, huh? You just need slots to hold the bottles and maybe a counter top for serving, and perhaps a drawer to hold corkscrews, stoppers and label tags. If that’s your take, you might create a reasonably functional rack, but it will not provide optimum storage for you fine vintages. If you’re building one on your own, ensure you make no mistakes by using wine rack plans that outline each step.

These plans could be very suitable for beginners as these contain specific details for every project. Each project may include the step-by-step instructions, patterns, diagrams and blueprints, which could definitely make your job as a beginning builder a lot easier.