How To Make A Homemade Yo-Yo with Comprehensive Guidelines

How To Make A Homemade Yo-Yo with Comprehensive Guidelines

How To Make Your Very first Homemade Wooden Yo-Yo in a Weekend

Do you get pleasure from doing work with your hands and creating your very own homemade toys, video games or craft projects? If you answered yes then you will get pleasure from reading this lens and probably creating your own homemade wooden yo-yo.

This homemade wooden yo-yo is an effortless weekend task that you will take pleasure in making employing your personal two hands the same way I a youngster. For the youngster they will require support, guidance and supervision from an adult or older sibling that is able to safely deal with woodworking hand equipment for them.

I can bear in mind the several weekends my Dad and I would get together in his woodworking store and make a distinct homemade toy or game that was really cool which includes this handmade wooden yo-yo.

The 1 genuinely wonderful issue about producing your personal homemade wooden yo-yo is the fact that when the undertaking is completed you will really feel this certain sense of pride and accomplishment inside you. You can also paint and customize the yo-yo to the limits of your imagination for a a single-of-a-sort yo-yo that no 1 else will have. For instance, take a appear at the yo-yo in the photo with the painted spiral design on it in diverse colors. Would not it be entertaining just to watch the painted spiral on the wooden yo-yo in motion? Soon after concentrating and viewing the wooden yo-yo for awhile you would most likely uncover oneself getting to be hypnotized along with everyone else!

I hope you get pleasure from and have fun making your first homemade wooden yo-yo the very same as I did when I was a youngster and created my very first homemade yo-yo. I know you will get a whole lot of joy and fulfillment out of enjoying with your new homemade yo-yo like I did simply because you created your yo-yo.

This is how I began woodworking except I had a teacher and assistance my Dad. Every weekend was devoted to him and I working collectively in his woodworking shop since he was a carpenter by trade and his father taught him the trade.

Most of the handmade toys and tasks I made had been entered into 4H Fairs in the Woodworking Area. Some of the projects took Blue or Red Ribbons, some acquired Honorable Mention although other individuals did not! Nonetheless, they have been nevertheless exciting to make with Dad and afterwards perform with them for countless hours. Needless to say, I had a great deal of awesome handmade toys and games growing up as a youngster. Even so, the one particular toy I will always remember and played with the most is the initial homemade wooden yo-yo.

Homemade Wooden Yo-Yo
Great for Ages six and Up
Grownup Guidance and Supervision Recommended

Pre-created Imperial Yo-Yo Parts Record accessible from neighborhood craft or hobby keep:

one) Two big wooden wheels
two) Dowel Rod (axle) to fit holes
three) Sandpaper twelve” x 12″ sheet, fine grit
four) Wood glue/Elmer’s glue
5) Pkg of yo-yo strings (Very best Choice)
(NOTE: Yo-yo string unavailable twine, aka ball of string, will function)
six) Tiny craft noticed to minimize dowel rod to dimension
(Optional if you do not have one at residence)
seven) Wood paint in decision of colors or
clear lacquer to maintain the all-natural search as proven in photo. (Your selection)
eight) Stickers of option to customize the yo-yo on one particular or the two sides.


one) Lay out all of the wooden elements and verify them,
2) Check out wooden wheels/dowel rod (axle) for any scratches
three) Fold sandpaper into fourths and cut into fourths,
4) Take piece of sandpaper and lightly sand all wooden elements,
five) Dry fit dowel rod (axle) to one of the large wooden wheels,
six) Make sure wooden wheel outside edge is flush with end of the dowel rod (axle) end
(See photo), * You can use a flat surface to guarantee axle and wooden wheel are flush.
seven) Measure gap space utilizing ruler or tape measure,
eight) Gap in between wooden wheels – approx. 3/sixteen inch to 1/four inch broad, mark it with a pencil,
9) Cut dowel one/two inch previous outdoors edge of 2nd wheel, mark with pencil,
ten) Dry match second wooden wheel on dowel rod (axle),
eleven) Line up within edge of wooden wheel to pencil mark,
twelve) Mark outside edge of wooden wheel on the dowel rod (axle),
13) Get rid of the second wheel from dowel rod (axle),
14) Consider craft noticed, or normal fine toothed noticed and reduce dowel rod (axle) to size,
15) Following cutting dowel rod to length, take sandpaper and smooth the reduce end of
the dowel rod (axle) off,
sixteen) Dry match the two wooden wheels on the dowel rod (axle),
17) Consider tack cloth and clean all wooden components to take away any oils from hands, dust or debris,
18) Wooden wheels are ready for painting/staining of your choice,
19) Consider one/two inch wide painter’s tape and tape each and every end of the dowel rod (axle) to keep the ends from getting painted if axle center is to be painted (axle). Center of axle far better left unpainted/unstained
(See * NOTE beneath),
20) Get a piece of wire (previous outfits hanger) and run by means of the wooden wheel holes for painting/staining, One more thought is to put the wooden wheels on each and every finish of left above dowel rod and paint them on the dowel rod,
21) After painting/staining allow dry above night. Might examine periodically to be confident almost everything is Ok.

* NOTE: Glue will not stick as well to painted surfaces in contrast to unpainted.

Up coming DAY:

1) Check for dryness just before getting rid of wooden wheels from the wire hanger (outdated outfits hanger),
2) Take tack cloth and wipe all wooden elements clean, paint need to be dry,
three) Time to assemble the yo-yo with dry fitting initial,
four) Remove 1 wooden wheel from dowel rod (axle),
5) Area wood glue all around the end of the dowel rod (axle),
6) Change wooden wheel on end of glued dowel rod (axle),
7) Make certain outside edge of wooden wheel is lined up flush with the finish
of the dowel rod (axle),
8) Repeat gluing for 2nd wooden wheel on other end of dowel rod,
9) Set glued assembled yo-yo aside for the glue to dry, allow dry for a handful of hrs,
ten) Glue has dried time to paint the dowel rod (axle) ends,
11) Allow paint dry on painted dowel rod (axle) ends,
twelve) After drying, time to measure and string up the yo-yo for action,
13) If you have the yo-yo string use it as it is preferred in excess of the twine/sting.
** If not get ball of twine/string and reduce off approx. eight feet.
14) Double up twine/string with loop above the floor,
15) To measure the yo-yo string for the correct length, drop the yo-yo to the floor and
the length of yo-yo string must be from the belly-button to the floor.
.sixteen) Reduce off extra yo-yo string (twine/string) and tie the two loose ends together,
17) Consider yo-yo and location it in the looped finish of the yo-yo string (twine/string),
18) Twist the twine/ string up so it is tight around the middle of the dowel rod (axle),
19) Tie a loop in the other finish of the twine/string to location on the middle finger of your dominant hand,
20) Yo-Yo is prepared to go. Now is the time to alter the loop around the dowel rod, (axle) so
the yo-yo can do “The Sleeper” when it reaches the finish of the twine/string appropriately,
21) Modify loop by twisting or untwisting the twine/string to wish tightness for undertaking “The Sleeper”,
22) Yo-Yo is complete and ready for you to begin enjoying the yo-yo and place it into action!

* NOTE: Your wooden yo-yo ought to look comparable to the wooden yo-yo in the photo at the best of this module.

—— HAVE Fun, Enjoy & USE YOUR YO-YO IN A Safe AND Proper Method! ——

This is a very in depth phase by phase process for making your homemade wooden yo-yo. A number of of these methods are typical sense but for a younger little one I attempted to make the instructions as effortless and simple as attainable for them to realize and be a accomplishment at generating their very first wooden yo-yo. Customize the wooden yo-yo to your liking or put a clear lacquer on it and you will definitely be a big hit at your subsequent yo-yo game when you pull out your homemade custom-made wooden yo-yo that YOU created. Everyone will ENVY you! (I know).