How to Make a Light Switch Cover

How to Make a Light Switch Cover

An Effortless Woodworking Undertaking for Newcomers

Fascinating in receiving into woodworking but uncertain of in which to commence? Possibly you’ve observed all type of strategies and projects for intricate tables, huge dressers, and finely carved stools. Will not fret! There are smaller sized tasks you can commence with to familiarize yourself with different resources, get used to using them, practice your expertise, and create anything wonderful that you can actually use.

What’s wonderful about this specific project is that it’s ideal for little ones who are interested in woodworking. Little ones??? Yes, little ones. I took my very first woodshop class when I was eleven years outdated!

On this web page, I’ll inform you what resources and resources you need to have to make a light switch cover like the a single I manufactured, and I will give you some concepts for various designs . (Not everyone likes arches and dots!)

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Hold in thoughts this task is highly customizable. You can use any variety of wood (see farther down web page for details on kinds of wood), use any thickness of wood you want, make it any size or form you want, make it for a single light switch or a double, decorate it, and so on. I will inform you the basic tips and how I made mine, and you can make a basic a single or get creative!

1/four inch thick wood at least 4×6 inches (for my exact design and style it wants to be 4×7)
Paint brush Photo Credit: Gerwin Sturm (Scarygami), CC:BY-SA, via flickr

Miter or Table Noticed (for standard form)
Band Noticed (for smaller designs and inside opening)
Drill Press (for holes and inside opening)

Photograph Credit score: Patrick Fitzgerald (BarelyFitz), CC:BY, through flickr

Use a pencil (and a ruler) to mark the dimensions and style on your piece of wood. Use a light switch cover you currently very own to mark the inner rectangle and spots for screws.
Using a table noticed or a miter noticed, minimize out the basic rectangular shape. Considering that my layout is approximately three 1/two inches by 6 1/two inches, I cut out a rectangle that was 3 one/two inches by 7 inches.
Use a drill press to make a hole in the center of the wood where the light switch will go. Make the hole tiny enough that it fits into the small rectangle you outlined but huge adequate that the actual saw from the band noticed will fit inside.
Unthread the saw from the band noticed and thread it via the hole in the center of your piece of wood and then back by means of the machine. Reduce out the inner rectangle.
Unthread the noticed and then use it to lower out your outer layout.
Use the drill press for the decorative holes and the holes where the screws go.
Sand all the outer and inner edges with sandpaper.

Here are some templates I developed as tips if you do not have any tips. Feel cost-free to print them out and use them. Click on the pictures to make them bigger. You can resize them, tweak them, lower them out and trace them, or just use them to spark your personal tips!

Even though I would love to sit right here and tell you every little thing you need to have to know about wood and precisely which a single is excellent for your task, these sites can support you much more than I ever could. The best type of wood depends on your price tag variety, how a lot function you are willing to place in, your tools, whether or not you program to paint it or not, and so forth.

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