How to Make Your Own Doll House Record Book – Doll House Plans

Then with all your creative notes in hand begin forming your own Barbie doll house plans. It will surprise you just what is inside you that you should share with your Barbie doll’s world.

General Overview

Once you get an order, you will use their payment to buy all of the supplies you’ll need. Once you have a few sold, completed and shipped you can use your profits to buy additional materials and have them completed before you even list them. This is a great free small manufacturing business idea that can provide a steady income for a lifetime.

So never exclude your way, your ideas or who you are in any design process. Your work will be that much richer because of it.

Choosing a doll house record book is easy: a simple binder or scrapbook will do. If you have several houses in your collection, it’s best to keep separate records for each one.

So, if allowed, take plenty of notes (don’t waste your time or theirs) and make sure you ask them nicely if they mind you asking a tonne of questions. Most people will love to share with you. However that said, some will not. So ask permission to quiz them about their processes.

Most kit dollhouses include sheets of die-cut wood, which you punch out and then assemble. When you build a doll house you’ll need some patience, especially with the larger kits. When you open the box, you’ll probably be astounded at the many different pieces contained inside. Like beginning a 1000-piece puzzle, the project will seem daunting but you’ll be proud of the results.

Really this is the answer for any Barbie doll house plans dilemma… That you learn how yourself. This is truly a do-able enterprise. Teach you how-to create for yourself.

Also, just by signing up for membership and joining an online forum, you can gather as many free, creative ideas from fellow enthusiasts. These are the very people who care about a dream doll house as much as you do!

3. Make It Durable