How to Plan Your Successful Outdoor Wedding – Drop Leaf Table Plans

In the living room, sofa tables continue to be used as an item to display some of your favorite heirlooms, photos or keepsakes. Of course, many people still use them as the traditional coffee or end table, something that will never go out of style.

I remember the hectic mornings of my youth with three children in our parent√Ęs house. I remember the constant fight over the bathroom, the rushed breakfast, our poor mom driving us to school every single day, and the frantic sense of urgency that we all had to get to where we need to be. I hope that with a few of these organizational tips that you can avoid those hectic mornings and be able to really sit down and enjoy that cup of coffee before your hurried day begins. Here are a few of my ideas for staying organized during a more stressful part of your day.

Plan Ahead

If your outdoor wedding will involve celebrating into the night, you will need to consider how chilly the evening air will be for your guests. If you’re worried about the temperature at your outdoor wedding, make sure to tell guests to bring a wrap or jacket. You can also rent heat lamps or even fire pits, depending on the style of your wedding.

Shake things up with the placement of the chairs. The typical dining room table has four or six side chairs pushed up to it and two armchairs at the ends, but you can break the mold by moving the armchairs elsewhere, perhaps flanking a window or sideboard.

About seating- There’s no sense in spending four hours making a gourmet meal if the seating at your dining table isn’t comfortable. If you have the luxury of space, choose dining chairs with arms if you want your guests to get cozy after a meal and share conversation long into the night. Armless chairs are great for seating more people or if your space is limited, dining benches, which are increasing in popularity as shoppers go for a more casual dining experience and when families need to accommodate small children who like to move around a lot. Cushions go a long way to creating a mood and adding comfort to your seating arrangement. Color and pattern options online are almost endless and come in a variety of materials that are easy to clean.

Unexpected bad weather: What will you do if the wind picks up and starts blowing everything away? What if a massive thunder and lightning storm decides to roll in just as everyone is sitting down to dinner?


One consideration that couples often overlook when planning an outdoor wedding is the ground. If the ground is gravelled, uneven, or moist lawn (into which high heels can sink!), women will have trouble walking in their high heels. In consideration of your guests, young and old, think about whether the ground is easily navigable in formal wear.

Tray tables: If you’re not planning to add a lamp to the end tables in your living room, you can opt for tray tables instead. These have easy to remove trays that you can use for serving food or beverages. The rest of the time, tray tables look just like end tables.