Insulated Dog House Plans – Dog House Plans

o The floor of the shelter should also slope towards the door. If any water were to accumulate inside it would be able to drain properly, keeping the floor dry and comfortable.

Dog Kennel Sizes

For those of you with more than one dog, a duplex dog house is really not that hard to build. You pretty much just build 2 kennels with a removable wall. This way your pets can sleep on their own or together. It’s a great option to have, especially in the cooler months.

So for my dog house project I decided to work with a purchased dog house plan and I was delighted to note that I saved a lot of time, some money and irritation. I really felt like having a professional woodworker by my side to lead me throughout my project.

The same goes when it comes to building a dog house. A great set of plans will really go a long way to assuring that you complete the project at hand, and that you do it without any added costs.

First, you must choose the kind of dog house you may need. Do you have a small dog, a large dog, or two dogs? Do you need the dog house to be insulated or not? This may depend on where you live and how cold it gets. If you don’t build an insulated house, how will you keep your doggy warm? You can use blankets, burrow beds, or can heat your dog house, but in the end it is probably best to make it insulated to help keep it cool in the summer months and warm during the bitter cold of winter.

– Do you want a flat roof or an angled roof? Both have advantages. The angled roof allows water to run off easier, and the flat roof gives your dog space to lay out in the sun. You could also use it for some pot plants.

If you design it yourself or decide on some of the free dog house plans online, make sure you have a good sized door so that you will have access to clean the kennel from time to time.

Apart from the general size and design of your dog house, you might like to note the following tips:

If you browse about on the internet you will find many free dog house plans but all too often you get exactly what you pay for. Poor quality incomplete plans with no part list or cut chart usually turn out to be an expensive mistake.