Is Wood Excellent? Plus fascinating wooden objects.

Is Wood Excellent? Plus fascinating wooden objects.

A rickety wood roller coaster trip . . .

What is it about a wooden roller coaster or wagon that tends to make it far more fun? I thought back to all of the exciting items in my childhood – wood was definitely a portion of the ideal stuff.

Increasing up, the 7 of us invested summers at a cottage. I was the youngest and slept in an iron crib (till I was 5 years outdated, I consider). I nevertheless bear in mind waking up often every time a limb of mine brushed towards one particular of the cold bars. (Nah, there weren’t those good bumper pads back then).

Oh and that wooden wagon . . I still don’t forget the smoothly sanded edges that dipped down for us children to get in and out of it. Grandma’s hardwood floors stored my feet considerably warmer than the linoleum floors in our bungalow.

Properly, wood is creating a comeback. And with the latest Quest to use the newest ‘Wood’ theme on Squidoo, I thought I’d write about wood (who wood’ve guessed, eh).

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The Son of Beast at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio was identified for two significant incidents that resulted in non-fatal injuries. The loop was removed in 2006. As of the 2012 season, the trip remains closed, and no announcements have been manufactured about the roller coaster’s future. Supply: Wikipedia – read more here . / Photograph: Brad Dougherty

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