Just How Important Are Woodworking Plans? – free woodworking plans

As a beginner in woodworking, you have GOT to keep this in mind (K.I.S.) – Keep it Simple.  Select do it yourself woodworking plans where you can use hand tools to finish your woodworking project.  It is important to learn how to handle hand tools before you move on to using the heavier tools.

There are many quality plans that are designed by professionals. But these plans can be quite expensive, especially if you are planning on multiple projects. You will find that these plans are well constructed and easy to follow but the costs can add up if you are really into woodworking and spend a lot of time on projects.

What About Woodworking Tools?

On the flip side, it is markedly easier to use the internet,  but you need to keep your eyes open and look with a critical eye before you start following a plan. 

Let’s say you want to make a dresser. What type of wood are you gong to use and why? That’s what I thought. And how will you fit it together? What type of screws and glues will make it turn out just right? Once again. You don’t know unless you’ve made a few dressers before and you’re getting pretty good at it, or more simply, if you go on line and get a good woodworking plan. That plan will not only help you know WHAT materials to purchase, but HOW MUCH as well. Unless you’re some kid who owns a $50 billion company called Facebook, you probably have a limited budget for your project, and starting with the right plan is the best way to stay with that budget.

For a variety of reasons both business and personal, the growth and popularity of individuals becoming involved in do-it-yourself or (DIY) woodworking projects has increased dramatically over the last number of years. New television channels and programs dedicated to DIY projects, as well as an enormous number of online resources are popping up everyday.

Use your woodworking time as a time to relax and unwind. Take pride and satisfaction in you woodworking hobby. And remember, the best woodworking project begin with a great woodworking plan.

Some woodworking plans claim to be free, but then they hit you with hidden fees. They may require you to give them your email or home address and directing you to purchase a membership to get your “free” woodworking plans. Or they may charge a download fee for the service. Make sure that you read the fine print before you download.

Check out what you find on the internet.  There are great online guides for woodworking beginners.  Basic know how  & a good set of instructions is all you need to get going.  Before you know it, you’ll be making quality furniture all on your own.

Quite a few times I spent ages looking for free plans on the Internet. After downloading them looking over them and then buying all the materials I realized that the plans weren’t that good, not very detailed and difficult to follow.