Kids Bunk Bed Plans – bunk bed plans

In general, the futon bed blueprint from Woodworking4Home is decent and easy to follow. If you have some carpentry experience, you can complete the whole construction in less than day.

It is a very important step to create bunk bed plans for your children’s rooms even before they have reached a mature age due to a variety of reasons. First of all, every task that is not planned in advance or thought about thoroughly usually ends up with a lower satisfaction level when completed than that task which has been well planned before execution. This is because the output in an unplanned task does not usually meet expectations due to the lack of insight in the process. The same is the case with choosing a bed for your children.

Which To Choose?

Evaluate the room and take measurements. Decide upon the type of bed and where it will be placed. Pay attention to all the other details of the room, especially the height of the ceiling in relation the height of the bed and the height of the person that will be using the top bunk. If your room has a ceiling fan, be sure to place your kids bunk beds a safe distance from it.

One of the best approaches that will help once you have decided to build your beds is to stay organized right from the start.

In this article, I will write a quick review on one of the bunk bed plan from Woodworking4Home. The plan is for a simple bunk bed design suitable for students living in a dormitory.


Other things to consider are time and cost. Building two beds, of course, will take more time and increase your costs. If time and the additional money are not an issue, this can be a good way to go.

It’s up to you, of course, depending on the issues I just discussed. Once you weigh the considerations, in either case you should end up with sturdy, long-lasting, beautiful wood bedroom furniture for your kids.

At first the thought of building your own kids bunk beds may seem a bit intimidating. However, you will be amazed at how simple this project can be when working with a good set of plans. Anyone with even the most basic woodworking skills can easily produce professional results with good plans.