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Installation of wall cabinets must be given the highest priority when installing kitchen cabinets, because of the simple fact that they will provide you good deal of space and also they do not occupy a lot of space. You can use the other empty floor space for installation of lower level kitchen cabinets.

Cabinet Materials

How To Measure For Cabinet Doors


A corner curio display cabinet doesn’t have to take up a lot of space. Nor does it need to stand out in a room — the right corner room display cabinet should blend seamlessly with your existing d├ęcor, regardless of whether it’s traditional or contemporary. A corner curio cabinet should be chosen with as much care as other pieces of furniture in the room.

The most important part of buying them is to measure, measure, measure! Measure the length and width of cabinet doors. If you are installing entirely cabinets, measure depth. Measure your ceiling height. Understand that newer houses tend to have higher ceilings; it may be architecturally impossible to support having tall 42 inch cabinets installed in your old kitchen.

If you desire a painted finish there are a few choices you will have to make. One is whether to replace your existing cabinet doors, or to just paint the old ones. Most people that undertake a cabinet reface or resurfacing project have grown tired of their cabinets and cabinet doors so it is very common to replace the cabinet doors prior to repainting your cabinets.

Additional Options

Wall corner cabinets include: (1) the diagonal-front — this cabinet has a modified pentagon shape (this is the one most frequently chosen for this position); (2) the easy reach — this cabinet appears to be two adjoining wall cabinets (it has a center hinge to allow opening the first door or both and allows direct access to the contents on the shelves); and the blind — half of this cabinet is buried in the corner itself and can be accessed only by the front door of the cabinet — this cabinet is the unfortunate choice in instances where structure or an appliance allows no other option.

The shelving should be easy to adjust. Shelves made from glass are preferable to shelves made from solid materials. Be sure to have a good understanding of how to mount the cabinet if it’s a wall unit. In fact, quality cabinet furniture should include mounting hardware. The lighting scheme of the cabinet is also a key factor. The best cabinets use halogen lights. Halogen is a type of incandescent light that is more natural and lasts longer than a typical incandescent bulb. The best cabinets will have lights on more than one tier. In addition, beveled glass doors are a good choice to give a designer look to practically any style curio cabinet.