Large Picnic Table Plans – Picnic Table Plans

Have you ever found yourself wondering where did my holidays go and more importantly why haven’t I finished any of the DIY projects that I planned to do over the holiday period? This summer just gone I had promised my family to plan and build a childs picnic table.

The bad news is:

Determine the Purpose

You’re Skill Level

If you like throwing frequent backyard parties, you would appreciate the importance of having a picnic table. If you do not have one at present, and would like to make one yourself, it is worth finding out how to choose the best picnic table plans. This depends on a number of factors.

Even though building a basic picnic table is a simple project, you should still attach the highest importance for safety precautions. You should always wear protective goggles and a respirator while cutting wood, or when using spray paints or sealers. It is best to ensure that someone is around when using an electric saw, in case of an emergency.

The plans themselves have to be chosen with care. They should be easy to follow and have lots of illustrations. If you are a beginner, you would also have to ensure that they come with additional instructions on how to do basic woodworking.

The hardware used should also be tough enough to withstand the elements. This would require you to use oxidation-resistant galvanized or blackened screws. Even though they cost slightly more than normal screws, they are worth it.

A large picnic table can be useful as well. It certainly is easier to make than an octagonal table. You can also seat as many people as will fit on the bench. If several are small, you can fit quite a few! However, it can get a little crowded and involve a lot of elbow rubbing.

Redwood has always been the favorite for this kind of application. It is expensive and a little bit difficult to work with, but is beautiful and it has an anti-rot and anti-insect quality. Cedar would be another good choice, depending on where you live and market conditions. You can sometimes find Western Red Cedar for reasonable prices. Cedar also has the natural ability to repel insects and rot.