Learn How to Build Your Own Skateboarding Ramp – Skateboard Ramp Plans

4. A Pair of Padded Skate Shorts

Your plans should also have a list of all the materials you will need to purchase in order to complete the project. Make sure you get all of them, and that you evaluate the quality of all the items you use. The better quality that they are the more endurance your skateboarding ramp is going to offer. Since you are likely going to be very rough on it you don’t want to risk it breaking or starting to fall apart soon after you start to enjoy it.

Skateboarding can be dangerous and anyone who is going to ride a skateboard should always where protective equipment such as a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads. Skateboarding can cause broken bones so everyone and anyone who is planning on taking on skateboarding as a sport should always take caution and wear their protective gear. If you are planning on trying skateboarding, then you should start out slow. Don’t rush into it because that is how you may get hurt.

Urethane skateboard wheels were invented in 1972 and are still used today. The mid 70s saw the first skateboard parks begin to appear which naturally spawned new styles of riding, new tricks and new boards as skaters went vertical. Also in the mid 70s, a new competitive scene was born when a slalom and freestyle contest was held at the Ocean Festival in Del Mar, California .The famous Zephyr team turned the skateboarding world on its head with their new aggressive approach to freestyle skating. In 1978 the most famous skate trick of all, the “Ollie”, was invented by Alan Gelfand (the 70s were a big decade for skating).

Choose the right board for the purpose you want to use it for.

If skateboarding follows the same lines as other markets, then we might see further consolidation amongst the big brands, similar to Billabong’s acquisition of Sector 9. Other big players in today’s skateboard market are brands like Birdhouse, Girl, Zero, Plan B, Element and Blind. There’s a fair chance we could see a large company buy up a stable of big skate brands to get the pricing benefit that comes with volume, which can obviously help with product pricing but doesn’t always result inoriginal product design and creativity (when was the last time Ford or GM came out with a cool product ?). In any market, if the big get bigger, then opportunities arise for small players to carve out their own niche for local markets and buyers who are less brand conscious.

Whether you are into skateboards, bikes or in-line skates you really need a jump ramp to launch yourself into the air and perform all those crazy aerial stunts. You have probably been and tried out other peoples ramps but of course you want a better one in your own back yard. Read on and we’ll tell you how to go about it….

Fix more 2″ by 4″s lengths between the curved sections of the transitions at 6″ intervals. Make sure these are well fixed and your ramp will last longer. Screw from the outside in with at least two screws at each end for the best results. Pilot drill the holes for the screws to prevent splitting.

All of the above will insure that you have done all you can to have the experience of enjoying the sport of skateboarding.