Loft Bed Plans – Loft Bed Plans

3) Which Material?

Before going about planning and preparing the bed frame, you should take your child’s mentality into account as well. Most children tend to have nightmares at night in their sleep. This can be more the case if the environment they sleep in influences their psychology in a negative way. For example, if your child is claustrophobic, you might not want to make them sleep in their bed with the ceiling looming too close above. So, carefully observe your child’s likes and dislikes, and be considerate about the things they love or fear.

You can find loft bed plans offered for free online but please make sure that the one you finally decide on has clear and concise instructions. Be sure it lists all the materials and tools you will need, and above all, has been designed by a woodworking professional. All too often these plans are “knocked up” by a novice, who’s only interest is to be able to offer something free online. So be very careful that you only work with professional plans.

f. Any combination of the above options

When the bed is lifted off the floor, you will uncover a large amount of space that’s typically unused. This space can be sued for storage space, desks, dressers, or play areas. Because you are creating a functional space right under the bed, you are increasing the amount of usable space.

The positioning of your bed is crucial and you must be aware of electric points and light switches, doors and windows. A quality loft bed plan will do all these things and hopefully more – look out for those little variations that might be suggested and will allow you to personalize your finished product.

There are also bunk beds that comprise of two beds. This is good if you’ve kids that share a room. This makes these beds very functional. Prior to buying loft bed plans, you need to initially decide on the type of bed you want. You can choose from metal or wood varieties.

There are plenty of loft bed plans available, ranging from the elaborate to the cunningly simple, but perhaps I should start by clarifying what a “loft bed” is. Rather than being a bed you’d expect to find in a loft, it’s a term for a combination of sleeping space and storage, suitable for use in any room or space. Loft-beds are simply single top bunk-beds with the bottom half given over to something else.

On the other hand, you can choose woodworking plans that are little more daring when you are building a bed for a teenager or college student. Choosing bed plans that raise the bed 5-6 feet off the floor are suitable for older occupants. This increased height will provide enough room under the bed to create a study or storage area that is fully functional.

So how does one know which plans for building you own loft bed should you be using? Below we take a look at some of the features that yours should come with.