Loft Bed Plans Vs Bunk Bed Plans – Bunk Bed Plans

5) Use only new varnish – When applying varnish on the wood, use only new varnish. Varnish that has been used several times may contain hardened lumps formed around the sides and rim of the container. The lumps can be quite unsightly if it were to get on the wood surface.

You should certainly get your kids in on the planning and allow them to select a style and design that they will enjoy having in their room. This could include colors of paint at the end of the process, how the edges of the frame are rounded off and what kinds of materials are used during the entire building process. Obviously, building out of wood is the most conducive for do-it-yourself bunk bed plans. Make sure before you begin that you have all the tools, equipment and materials you need to complete the project. A reliable set of bunk bed plans should inform you of specific amounts you will need.

Steps to Get Ready for Building a Bunk Bed

One thing to keep in mind when you select your bunk bed plans is what kind of design you would like. Do you want storage underneath the bottom bunk? Storage under the bottom bed is a great idea that will save space as well as add to the style of the bed.

Although only four creative ideas are listed here, there are several more ways to design, build and arrange bunk beds.  Bunks are great for kids and can be changed up a bit as they grow older.  These types of beds are not only suitable for siblings, but also for sleepovers or general space saving in bedrooms.

If you decide on adding a storage feature, make sure to choose plans that allow for that addition. Following a set of plans from start to finish is much easier than trying to add on your own design at the end.

At the top of the plan, I could see the futon bunk bed completed. It is simple and yet elegant design which will fit into any living room or bedroom nicely. The blueprint starts off by giving a quick introduction about the history of futon bed. Futon is actually the traditional style of Japanese beddings. The design is consist of padded mattresses and quilts.

2. In building your bunk bed, make sure that you will be able to get standard-sized mattresses for it. Before you start cutting through the wood you have purchased to build your bed frame, make sure that you have made allowances for your mattresses. It would be unwise to have a large frame for your bunk bed when your mattress is a lot smaller, or have too small a bed frame that causes the mattress to spill out at the sides. Make sure that you construct the lower of the two bed platforms at least twelve inches off the floor. As for the upper bed box, it could be any height.

It’s up to you, of course, depending on the issues I just discussed. Once you weigh the considerations, in either case you should end up with sturdy, long-lasting, beautiful wood bedroom furniture for your kids.

When you decide whether to build loft beds or bunk beds, an important consideration is the amount of space you have. Bunk beds can save a lot of space, because you have two beds taking up one area, so to speak. If you’re short on space, building bunk beds is the way to go.