Mission Style Furniture – Mission Style Furniture

Creating a Mission style for your deck, patio or outdoor living room means you can also use design ideas from styles such as Art Nouveau, the Prairie Style of architecture, bungalow style houses, Mission oak style of furniture, Tiffany stained glass, Mexican rustic, and most definitely the English landscape designers Gertrude Jekyll and Edwin Lutyens. Mission style is simple and accepts a eclectic mix of elements, as long as all the elements together create squares and rectangles, strong earthy colors, and rustic, handcrafted look.

Furniture is important as well and there are many Mission style pieces out there but for a sunroom you want something a bit lighter and wicker or rattan furniture can go quite well. When choosing wicker couches and chairs for your beautifully decorated sunroom, you must make sure to focus on items that enhance the design style. You want something that has a bit of nostalgic charm. During the Mission era they did have wicker so if you can get older pieces or newer ones that emulate the designs you will have hit a home run.

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Modern style table lamps are unique pieces that boast clean lines, simple geometric shapes, adorned with a glass shade that may have accents of amber and jade. The rustic looking glass in mission style lighting comes in a cream or white color giving off subtle hints of amber when light passes through. The light emitted from these fixtures is typically dimmer, casting a softer glow.

Mission Oak furniture has been called the first truly modern style of American furniture. In both the manufacturing and finishing of handcrafted mission oak jewelry cases, emphasis is to buying forth the character and beauty of the wood. They all have variations in the color and grain; this is the part of its natural beauty. It is impossible to guarantee an exact match between two pieces of boxes, even after applying identical finishing process. This quality gives them its unique charm.

When a client is brought into your office for the first time, what meets their eyes will form a lasting impression on how they feel about you or your business. Stop for a minute and think who you would rather do business with. Business number one has a Swedish style assemble it yourself office furniture and folding chairs. Business number two has Amish mission style furniture that flows with the hand crafted excellence that most people have come to associate with the Amish. Whether it is a conscious or sub-conscious feeling, we tend to give more credence to a person that works in an office that looks permanent.

Many are unaware that terms mission style decor and arts & crafts style decor are synonymous. Often times the terms are used interchangeably to describe furniture pieces and lighting fixtures typified by exacting straight lines, rectangular slats, usually constructed of wood, iron, or copper. Table lamps and other light pieces are constructed with square wooden bases with colorful glass shades, creating timeless elegant piece that is both functional and artistic. The inherent characteristics of this style are functionality, simplicity, and quality craftsmanship.

One thing that often goes overlooked in the sunroom is the flooring. You can spruce up your sunroom with area rugs that match your color scheme. Choosing the most suitable style and colors of floor decor is critical for any decorating theme. Normally, oriental rugs in deep reds, greens and blues look great with the Mission decorating style.

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One of the nicest things about Mission style cupboards is that they will fit easily into many types of d├ęcor and be the perfect match for numerous different appliance finishes and furniture styles. You don’t have to keep everything stark and simple for the look to be effective. Use the glass fronts to show off Oriental porcelain for a beautiful, serene look, or spice everything up a bit with pieces of bright Fiestaware. You aren’t stuck with being able to use only one color of appliances, either, because many appliance finishes will look really nice provided you keep the look of the entire kitchen cohesive.