Music Jewelry Boxes – Jewelry Box Plans

However, if buying jewelry boxes for your guests simply isn’t in your budget, you can still consider using them as gifts for your attendants. It is customary to give everyone in your bridal party a thank you gift for helping you out on your special day, and this is typically some sort of nice, small gift that is meaningful. For your bridesmaids and maid of honor a personalized jewelry box would be a perfect gift. It is something that they can use and will think of you and your friendship every time they see it on the dresser. You can have it personalized with something specific to your wedding, or you can simply have your friend’s name or initials put on to it. Either way, your friend will be sure to think of you every time she puts away her jewelry.

Typical children’s jewelry boxes are 3 X 5 X 4 inches, with much of that space consumed by the musical mechanism. A larger box with drawers or doors will be more useful to your child as she grows up. One she’s mature enough to care for her nice pieces herself, she’ll need a special place to store them.

You can modify the plan to build a Poker Box.
You need to change the dimensions and use different inserts. However, the design is comparable.

How many times have you heard that women really want a gift that shows some thought? After all, what women really want to know is that you care. By showing her that you have carefully considered and thought about a gift that you know she would not only love but also needs, it shows that you are paying attention to the little things in her life. Purchasing a wooden jewelry box for her is the perfect way to show that you are looking out for her jewelry investment while simultaneously providing her with an exquisite gift that will last a lifetime.

The movement key to wind the mechanism is on the bottom of the box. You should pin down the music movement tight to the bottom with two screws. This method improves the quality and clarity of the music.

You could utilize partitions to separate the jewelry compartment. That involves more work, but is a nice addition.

If you’re shopping for your husband, there are plenty of jewelry boxes for him too. Men have accessories too, like cuff links, tie tacks and rings, and they deserve a dignified and manly place of storage. He may not be the type to shop for jewelry boxes for himself, so of course he needs the good judgment and taste of a discerning woman to do it for him.

Finally, there is the time it takes to build a jewelry box. Crafters consider any time spent building or making crafts to be time well spent. If you’re not a hobbyist and just want to save money, then building a box may use valuable time you could put to a better use. With the rising cost of materials, building a box may not actually save you money, either.

The Cons of Building a Jewelry Box