Music Jewelry Boxes – jewelry box plans

An Understanding of Jewelry Owner Needs: When planning the layout of wooden jewelry case the behavior of those who will be using them must be taken into account. This will ensure a box that is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, and that has places to hold the many different types of jewelry people have, and also arranges them in a way that allows ease of access and feels natural.

Finally, if you’re a husband-to-be looking for a nice gift to give to your beloved on the actual wedding day, a personalized jewelry box is a very meaningful gift. Jewelry is very romantic, and it will mean a lot to her if you give her a lovely place to store it all. Have it personalized with her information or the names of the two of you and your wedding date.

If you own mostly small pieces of jewelry and little trinkets, then you need a box with lots of compartments. On the other hand if you have lots chains and necklaces make sure the box has enough hooks for hanging them.

The tricky part is gluing the miter joints. However, I have an excellent solution — a novel clamping method. You can view this method at the link below.

Your choice may also depend on who the box is for. If it is a gift item then you have to take into account the decor of the recipient’s room, the tastes of the recipient and the type of collection he or she has. If the jewelry box is going to be given to a child then you can select from a range of musical boxes and other boxes that have been made for their appeal to young girls.

The size of your box is should depend on the size of your collection. The larger it is the bigger should be the box. However, if you are young or newly married, it would be wise to invest in a large sized box, as your collection is most likely to grow.

Shipping options are important too. They can affect your total price and the time it takes for you to receive the product. Look for items shipping from close to where you live. It can take up to 7 business days transit time from CA to NY. If you’re in a hurry to meet a gift deadline and want to take advantage of free shipping or lower expedited rates, plan ahead and shop styles that ship from nearby states.

Finally, there is the time it takes to build a jewelry box. Crafters consider any time spent building or making crafts to be time well spent. If you’re not a hobbyist and just want to save money, then building a box may use valuable time you could put to a better use. With the rising cost of materials, building a box may not actually save you money, either.

Look and material

The design of this woodworking jewelry box and poker box plans is straightforward. Any woodworker can construct it in just a few weekends. The exterior of the jewelry box is 10½”L x 7½” wide x 3″ tall. I used Walnut for this jewelry box woodworking plans. You can use any good hardwood, such as oak, cherry, or maple.