Octagon Picnic Table Plans and Drawings For Better Parties – Picnic Table Plans

The plans you choose for making your picnic table should provide a detailed list of materials required for the work. The lumber used should be pressure treated, so that it can withstand the rain, snow and sun. Cedar is also a good choice due to its high oil content. This makes it outlast many hardwoods when exposed to the elements. Instead of nails, wooden screws should be used, as they have better holding power. These screws should also be of the pressure treated kind.

First thing to check in the picnic table plans is the materials list. What kind of wood are they recommending? If it just reads to go buy some 2″ x 4″ lumber and to start following the plans, throw that plan away and move on to the next one. Your materials need to be treated for standing up to the outdoors. Lumber you would buy for your interior walls is not what you want for your picnic table which must stand up to the rain, snow, and sun. Your best choice will be a pressure treated wood. The treatment will have been forced deeply into the wood to help it be resistant to the weather.

You will also be able to get away from your work for a while and make sure that you have enough time with your family. If you start building the table using the hexagon picnic table plans you will be surprised as to how quickly the work gets done. Making the table can get done during the span of the weekend and with some input during the week you would actually go for your vacation the next day itself.

3. Another awesome aspect of a good set of octagon shaped picnic table plans is the cut charts. Every single dimension of every single piece of the picnic table plan is included. No more piles of expensive scrap wood from measuring mistakes. You can even take your dimensions along to the lumber yard and have them cut the lumber to the exact dimensions for you! Now how easy is that?

Once you have chosen your best picnic table plans, it is time to work on it. You may have to allocate a few weekends to finish the project, and may enlist the help of your family and friends. You can soon look forward to enjoying many fun filled parties in your backyard.

If you do not mind spending lavishly, then buying an octagon picnic table may be right for you. Otherwise, building one with the help of a good set plans and drawings is an ideal solution. Let us look at some of the points which you have to pay attention to when you go about the task of building your octagon picnic table. It is best to follow a blue print which is provided in the plans and drawings. You may take a print out of this, so that you can easily refer to them as and when you want to. As this is the first time that you are building this furniture, a blue print would prove to be a good guide which would provide you detailed instructions and drawings so that you cannot go wrong. You are also sure to end up with a sturdy and nice looking octagon picnic table. You would have to use treated lumber and galvanized hardware. Information of the kind of lumber to be used and the quantity required would be provided by your plans and drawings. If you start out without the help of a blueprint, you may end up buying too much lumber, which would only go waste. It is important to have the right tools when you start out on your work. In their absence, you may spend more time visiting the hardware or home improvement store than on your actual task. The last step in the process is of course, putting together the octagon picnic table, by following your plans and drawings. This would involve measuring and cutting the lumber, and putting them together. It helps to do this on a level surface. You may involve other members of your family, as well as your friends in this task, to make it easier and more interesting.

Parents often find it difficult to keep their children occupied, especially during weekends and vacations. If you are planning to go outdoors with your family for a small picnic, then you can make it a lot more interesting if you can get hold of some hexagon picnic table plans. Whilst it is more fun it can take some extra time until these are ready. If you have your kids involved in the building process this will not only make them exited but keep them busy too.

If you have a big family, a standard, four to six seater picnic table is not going to fit everyone. You need something that fits more people. How do you find the best large picnic table plans to meet your needs?

Great picnic table plans take the project from frustrating to simple. Good instructions make every project easier, faster, and in the end, less expensive.

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