Ornamentation Work Done on Jewelry Boxes for Women – Jewelry Box Plans

Jewelry boxes? You might well ask if that is really the key to getting your Christmas list chore resolved. When you start browsing amongst, however, you will find that you can probably find something for just about everyone on your Christmas list.

It’s that time of year again, time to make your Christmas list. Not the kind you send to Santa though, but the one that helps you be Santa. It’s the time of year when you have to sit down and figure out what to get everyone, what the perfect gift will be. Of course, your list usually begins, as Santa does, with a list of names. Then you work from there, pairing gifts with names until your list is entirely crossed off and you can rest easy and enjoy the fruitcake. There are two words, however, that might help you get that list knocked out very quickly: Jewelry Boxes

Packaging jewelry boxes are ideal for gift giving particularly on special occasions. Whether you are in the business of selling jewelry or buying a single item for your loved ones, it is important that you place the jewelry in an attractive box. The right packaging box will add more charm to the jewel concealed inside and will surely delight the receiver of the gift. You don’t have to enclose the jewelry item in any fancy gift wrapper, so long as the jewelry box looks beautiful, refined, and made from the finest materials.

The box is put together with miter joints. A table saw makes this easy. You need a slot in the front/back and sides for the 1/4″ bottom. I think a slot cutter in your router table works well, but you could use another method. The glass cover for the movement needs support. Two pieces joined together with a slot can serve this purpose. The cover keeps out dust, and you can see the movement in action.

An ordinary dull box is transformed into a thing of beauty when decorated skillfully. There are several ornamental jewelry cases available in the market to suit every pocket. And there are a wide variety of ornaments available too for those with a creative bent of mind, to help them decorate their jewelry box on their own.

Here are some tips to rightly install the hinges on the jewelry box.

If you plan to stick on some stones to your jewelry box, you need to be very careful. The glue should not come into contact with any other surface except the place where the stones have to be stuck. You could use stones of different shapes and colors.

5. It is a Constant Reminder of Your Love

When choosing a jewelry box, price and design may be among your first considerations, but also consider how the material of the box will react with your jewelry. For example, wood reacts with silver, causing it to tarnish. To solve this problem, wooden boxes must have a lining, usually velvet.

The design of this Woodworking Jewelry Box is for any woodworker to build, and that includes a beginning woodworker.
This jewelry box woodworking plans include music box plans. The music movement adds a stylish affect to the jewelry box.