Patio Furniture Swing – Porch Swing Plans

If you use a kit for such a building project, all the pieces will be cut to the specific measurements needed for the design. Otherwise, you will have to buy the lumber and cut the wood to the desired measurements. When using the plans, it is a good idea to enlarge all the drawings so that you have a template to use for measuring. Measure twice and cut once is a good rule to use to make sure that you have all the pieces in perfect proportion.

Patio swings are an excellent idea to help you make the best use of any outdoor living area.

As a homeowner, your abode is your refuge by the end of the day. This is the place you come home to after a tiring day from work. Because of the obvious stresses that can be reaped from the workplace, it becomes very important that your home becomes a source of comfort for you.

Generally speaking, porch swings are built to be sat on for some period of time – they are meant to cater to a person’s need for privacy, peace and quiet, for as long as he wishes. However, in the long run, the solid structure of the fixture may let itself manifest and make one feel uncomfortable – like sitting on a pile of stones or some crooked metal.

The types of cedar used to make porch swings are northern white cedar and western red cedar. Western red cedar looks richer and has a smoother texture making it more popular type.

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I strongly recommend the addition of a porch to your shed. You will be glad you did!

Finally, if romance is your primary motivation, then a place of beauty will be perfect for your swing. You’ll want to consider a spot that is private and surrounded by fragrant flowers and blossoming trees.


Whatever your primary need, you’ll be able to satisfy it with a little imagination and creativity. Of course, a good contractor can take care of the more technical aspects of designing and building a support for your Porch Swing.