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If you are brand new to woodworking and haven’t used tools much before, you might want to consider starting with a precut kit. Most kits consist of wood that is already cut in the appropriate shapes and sizes. It is up to you to follow the directions and put the pieces together. These kits typically require nailing, screwing, gluing, sanding, and finishing. You can make birdhouses and feeders, benches, plant holders, and many other fun items to get you started.

Ash Wood has a Janka rating of 1320, making it between red and white Oak in hardness. This makes it a good choice for flooring in high traffic areas, or areas that are susceptible to rough usage, such as for use in kitchens. Ash hardwood floors are durable and shock resistant. Though it is hard, the wood bends well.

* Always start placing from the wall which is the line of sight for the room

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The same is true for home woodworking. Our experts recommended spending as much as you could afford on the basic tools like hammers, saws, screwdrivers, drills and bits. “These are tools you will need around the house even if you don’t pursue woodworking,” Sarah Greeley pointed out. “If you spend the money up front, and care for them correctly, these tools will last you a lifetime because you bought quality to begin with.”

* Preferably use a floor roller to smooth the surface once the planks have been placed on the floor

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Even as you advance to more complex projects, don’t worry about planning and sizing your own lumber until you feel comfortable and confident. You can buy lumber already prepped and cut in many different widths. And table legs, chair spindles, and other turned pieces are also readily available pre-made. Ease into some of those more difficult projects over time, adding greater levels of difficulty to each project.

Some woodworkers said that investing in a good table saw early on was important, but only if you will be doing projects with many cuts, especially those with different types of angles. For most beginner projects, a handsaw, or perhaps a circular saw will suffice.

Shock Resistant