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Planning 24 Hours Ahead of the flight:

Move the organdie curtains to the side and tie it with an emerald green ribbon. The wind gently blows through your hair and carefully caresses the sleeping baby in hand. Peaceful silence and calm encircles the two of you like a meditative state. Outside, the clothesline is full, mixed with brightly colored socks, bibs, cloth diapers, and a few of mom and dad’s clothes. The breeze touches them again, swaying them back and forth.

If you need to evaculate your family in case of a fire or a natural disaster. Take your pets with you. Do not leave your pets behind in any circumstance. They are just like your children. Find out a head of time about shelters in your area. Have lugguage bags packed ahead of time. It would be a good idea to have a couple changes of clothes, shoes, some needed personal items, first aid kit customized for your family, which includes important family information. Have a escape plan in place before disaster strikes. Have a meeting place and rehearse it before hand. Know C.P.R. It stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. You can give C.P.R. to your pets in the same way as humans. Place the victim so they are on their back as comfortable as possible. Check for their responsiveness. Call for help and 911, get a defibrillator, if one is available. If one is available turn it on and it will tell you what to do. Until then do the following: Look to see if the chest is rising, feel for the air with your cheek over their mouth, listen for any noise of air. If there isn’t any, pinch their nose, tilt their head back with a chin lift, cover and seal their mouth with yours and give two breaths. Check their pulse, on the neck (carotid artery) for 6-8 seconds. If there isn’t a pulse, interlock your fingers and place the heel of hand in the middle of the chest on top of the heart and push down 2 inches for adults, 1 inch for a small child, 1/2 inch on a infant with just two fingers. In a massaging manner, push down and up on the heart, stay in constant contact with the chest. Do this 30 times, repeat, check for breathing and pulse until help comes.

-Food, if canned food have a hand operated can-opener, dried food, peanut butter, crackers, foods that doesn’t

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To create your own blanket chest with dovetail joinery, you must first ask yourself some very simple questions. Do you want a blanket chest that is completely handcrafted or do you want to take less time and use power tools? What type of hardwood will you choose? Have you chosen a design that fulfills your exact dimensional needs? Do you need to add a footed style to your design? Are you thinking of adding engraving, either as a design element, or to state the name of the person who is receiving this gift and the special event? Are you adding a lock and key? Are going to use specialized hinges?

At the airport, fill up your water bottle after going through security.

It is important to plan your journey properly so you do not find yourself or your team carrying excessive loads in your military backpacks all over the place for two or three weeks.

You can use a blanket chest for the obvious purpose – storing blankets – or you can use it for a variety of other purposes. A good sized chest can hold several Queen size blankets or linens such as sheets and towels until you need them, freeing up space in your bathroom or linen closet.