Playhouses Plans – playhouse plans

Now ensure that you follow these tips and build a playhouse easily. Research well, about various playhouse plans that are available. And check with your friends and over the internet on how best you can build your own playhouse.

(1) A complete list of materials and tools you will need

After clearing and leveling a spot in the yard, most playhouse plans have me dive into building the floor. 2×6 treated lumber arranged in a grid-like pattern (joists) seems to be the favored choice of materials for this part of the construction, the same way it’s used in building floors for real houses. I can build the floor right on top of the spot I cleared in the yard, but I’ll probably put down a tarp first to keep the boards dry while I work on them. Building a floor that’s square at each corner will take some careful measuring and maybe a carpenter’s square to make sure everything is lined up. After that, it’s a matter of simply attaching the 2x6s together with galvanized nails. I’ll want a smooth surface on the playhouse floor for my kids to walk on, so that means laying down some plywood on the 2×6 floor joists. A couple 4×8 sheets of outdoor plywood should do the trick.

Speaking of the children — Make sure to include them in the choosing of the plan and the building. They will be the new “homeowners” and choosing and building their new playhouse is a great way to make them feel involved, teach them some responsibility and a chance for you and your crew to share some valuable family time.

The first place to really start is with your kids. With so many different outdoor playhouse plans and designs to choose from, it is a good idea to get your children involved with picking a style they will enjoy for a long time. What you should do is take a look yourself first, to make sure that the plans fit within your budget. You can mark these websites, and later sit down as a family and find one that will work the best for them. You should also make sure that it is a plan that you can recreate, since it will be disappointing for them if you are not able to build it.

All said and done, you would always need to remember that a playhouse that is well planned and built by you would have to last longer. When it comes to choice of materials, you would have to be willing to invest a bit in top quality stuff so that your playhouse lasts longer. Come rain or shine, the playhouse that you have built should last. Before learning how to build a playhouse, it would be best if you could ask for some advice from professionals who have enough experience in this particular area.

There may be other people online or offline selling playhouse plans. Here are some pointers to help you find the best plans and not get burned by someone selling shoddy plans.

Next comes the most rewarding part of the project: adding plywood panels to the roof (decking) and the walls (sheathing). For roof decking, most playhouse plans call for 1/2″ plywood panels that I’ll simply nail down on to the rafters. Getting at the panels to nail them down might be a little tricky, though. Some people suggest you go at them from inside the playhouse – with a step ladder poking up between the rafters. Then, after each panel goes down, I’ll come down, move my ladder and go back up for the next section.

Another company who sells plans for playhouses, uses more of a catalog approach. You choose from a selection of various designs, then pay the $30.00 and you get your plans. At least you get to see the design before you purchase the plans.

1) Give thought to what you want to build. My wife bought those plans with good intentions but without consulting me. They looked way beyond my skill level and I never even got started. So think – do you want a simple shed like structure with windows? Or are you thinking of a Victorian mansion. Are you looking for creative playhouse ideas like a pirate ship or Tarzan’s tree house? Pay attention to your children. What kind of playhouse plans would they like?