Pyrography: The Art of Woodburning

Pyrography: The Art of Woodburning

Decorating Wood with Burn up Marks Is As Previous As Time

The word pyrography signifies “writing with fire” and refers to the intricate patterns and types that can be manufactured in this exciting artwork kind that has been practiced reportedly ever since man discovered fire. Woodburning is the most common term used these days to describe the artwork of decorating wood, gourds, leather and other components, making use of a metal instrument to create the burn marks that type the patterns. Have you ever tried your hand at pyrography? If not, below are some beneficial back links and concepts to get you started out.

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Some theories date this woodburning strategy back to artisans and crafters in Ancient Egypt and other African tribes. It also appeared in China throughout the Han Dynasty. Throughout that period, the art was identified as fire needle embroidery. Later it would be a approach in Europe that was referred to as pokerwork, presumably simply because a hot poker was utilized to make the burn up marks and shadows. By the Victorian era, pokerwork was coined pyrography, largely in component due to the fact of the invention of pyrography machines. Methods continued to evolve, and by the early 20th century, adding a water-primarily based coloring to the etching aided to enhance the reputation with crafters, both amateur and professional.

Image credit: The Tawny Eagle, pyrography by Davide Della Noce -Wikimedia Commons

Feel you want to consider your hand at woodburning? There is dozens of books and tutorials offered to get you began, as properly as woodburning kits and supplies for every single degree of pyrography from simple to innovative. Right here are two recommended woodburning kits appropriate for newbies:

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