Quick Guide to Buenos Aires – Obelisk Plans

Or you can make your own obelisks out of bamboo or cane stakes. There are also metal ones available. From personal experience I have discovered if using obelisks to only put 1 plant per structure. There needs to be at least 50cm between each obelisk to prevent fungal diseases developing. The secret of growing beans is space which allows between plants. This allows good air circulation and sunlight to penetrate to the leaves. Space also helps stop the spreading of disease.

Take cuttings from tender plants, such as fuchsias and pelargoniums. Place several in a three-inch pot filled with equal parts silver sand and compost, and overwinter them in a frost-free place.

Santa Fe – The very, very long shopping street.

Make a note of any lacklustre areas of your borders so that you can plan where to plant flowers that will bloom in August for next year. Try sedum, hardy cyclamen and Aster novi-belgii (Michelmas daisy) for some late-summer colour.

Hint: To encourage broad beans to flower laterally, pinch the apical merristem out (this is the tip of each vertical stem)

Our first stop was Santa Maria del Popolo. Before I proceed any further, let me back up to give a little background on how we got here when the book starts out in the Pantheon. If you remember, Robert and Vittoria began their tour at the Pantheon, the 2000 year old building in Rome designed originally by Agrippa in 27 B.C. but then later burned and rebuilt in 125 A.D. What remains to this day is Rome’s oldest standing domed structure which was originally designed for the ancient gods of Rome. However, the building was later consecrated in 609 as Santa Maria dei Martiri and currently holds masses to this day. It was at the Pantheon that Robert Langdon made his first stop on his quest to save the four cardinals. Because he incorrectly deciphered the clues from the Vatican library, he and Vittoria headed to this location believing they would be there in plenty of time to save the first kidnapped cardinal. Despite their unswerving efforts, they were too late because as the story goes, they didn’t realize in time that Raphael’s body was later moved from the Pantheon to Santa Maria del Popolo even though all clues pointed here including the demon hole or occulus at the top of the structure.

If you like the feeling that you leave the office when you leave work, the computer desk bed may not be for you.

Or, at least this was true before the stylish flexible wooden Studio Dror folding chairs. These elegant Chinese wooden delights can be unfolded instead of folded, perhaps denoting a new name choice, and hung on the wall for simple tasteful decoration that looks as if it was there as part of an home interior design accent instead of a chair!

Las Violetas – The other celebrated grand old cafe, all mahogany and tiffany, famous for its desserts. Almagro area. Rivadavia, 3899

11. Obelisk Chairs: