Review of the Blazer SI-100CR Excalibur Butane Torch

Review of the Blazer SI-100CR Excalibur Butane Torch

Blazer Soldering Kit

If you are looking for a moveable tool for soldering, crafts and numerous other duties the Blazer SI-100CR Excalibur Butane Torch and Scorching Air Soldering Kit. The Blazer Torch will serve you well. It is also a great device for electronics, wiring, woodworking, lapidary, and standard repairs.

The Blazer SI-one hundred Excalibur , multi-function, butane torch and scorching air soldering kit is a soldering kit that sets itself apart from the competitors. The Blazer soldering tool, with it is add-ons is everything you could want for all your soldering needs. The Blazer soldering torch generates a exact flame from the nozzle head. This makes it possible for direct, exact heat to your task. You can use the Blazer Butane Fuel Soldering Torch for factors this kind of as soldering, heating and jewellery producing. Add-ons incorporated can also be used for electronic component, soldering wire, woodworking, lapidary (jewelery), and simple repairs.

Blazer SI-100 is a multi-objective instrument. The torch itself is a self-igniting, cordless soldering iron, sizzling air blower with a refillable butane gas reservoir . The accessory kit includes 5 replacement suggestions: reflector, scorching air blower, knife, 1 3.five-millimeter chisel and one 3.-millimeter diagonal. Other products integrated with the Torch contain a wrench, sponge, for cleansing the tips and one tube of 60/40 tube of solder. The torch is kid resistant and the butane fuel lights immediately by way of an ignition switch. Which can make is quite straightforward to light.

The Blazer torch has a highest flame temperature of 2,500 degrees F. The butane torch can hold seven grams of butane gas and weighs 4.9 ounces. The dimensions are 10.25 (l) x 4.38 (w) x one.five (h) inches. This product is meant purely for use in professional and industrial environments.

14 folks have reviewed this solution and offered it a out of five stars. Users like the quick heat created by the butane flame and the numerous features and guidelines integrated with the kit. Some users knowledgeable concerns with the torch even now getting scorching soon after the unit had been turned off. The unit was replace by the producer and the replacements operate fine. You can go through the critiques here.

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Blazer SI-100CR Excalibur Multi-Goal Butane Torch and Sizzling Air Soldering Kit

If you are seeking for a butane gas soldering iron for your projects, then the Blazer SI-one hundred Excalibur multi-function butane torch ought to definitely be on your purchasing checklist.

Soldering technique is a discovered skill and not as scary or tough as newbies frequently think, a small practice will make confident that your outcomes are as clean and professional as possible.

Working with butane torches can initially be intimidating, since you are doing work with a substantial temperature torch. Protection precautions have to be taken before you start off function. Make certain that the surface you will be operating on is heat resistant and you dress in safety goggles in case the hot solder “spits”. Also make positive you have a small fire extinguisher close by in situation a fire breaks out. It is also crucial to make positive that your workspace is effectively ventilated. Small butane torches resemble the ones utilised by chefs to make crème brulee and are greatest for small soldering jobs such as wiring, plumbing, jewelry and dentistry, to title a few. Apart from your butane torch and butane torch fuel, based on your activity, you may well require other items such as flux, an annealing pan, a charcoal block, vinegar and a pickle pot and tongs. A table prime third hand with crocodile clamps that can support hold your perform in area can also be valuable leaving the two your hands free of charge to function.

Prior to soldering, make sure that the object you intent to solder is clean with out grease or dust. In the situation of copper pipe, it’s also great to use a fine sandpaper and rough up the pipe, this will assist the solder adhere to the pipe.

When soldering, consider to keep away from holding the flame in the exact same place as this can harm the object your soldering, move the flame over the area to be soldered until the solder commences to movement. Once you have the solder exactly where you need it, right away take away the flame from the object. Once your object is entirely cool, you can check that you have a great solder and clean if essential.
Remember to make sure that your perform surface is heat resistant and that you use security goggles. You may possibly also want to put on gloves to stay away from burns.

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