Rocking Horse Plans – Free Wooden Toy Plans

I should point out that while it is highly satisfying to make a new rocking horse, you could just as easily buy a rocking horse.

Why exactly?

Don’t shortchange your kids or grand kids. Get a quality set of woodworking plans, find the ultimate project plan, and modify it to fit your child perfectly. You will end up with a great result and you will be able to give your child a gift that will become a family heirloom.

If you are a woodworker and have children or grandchildren the idea of making some wooden toys has probably crossed your mind. Toys made out of wood are great for preschoolers and toddlers because they’re lightweight and can take a pounding. Actually they practically last forever.

There are a number of critical mistakes people make when making a rocking horse for their child or grandchild. Most of these mistakes are related to poor plan selection, dooming the project from the start. For better or worse most of these mistakes are avoidable!

I refuse to settle for the generic rocking horse you get from a free online plan. Not only are they a dime a dozen, but the quality leaves a ton to be desired. You don’t want to give your child something like that, do you? I wouldn’t even consider it myself. I even built one from a free plan and it actually collapsed when the neighbor child started rocking on it!

Thanks to technology things like books, plans & software can now be digitally delivered with little to no physical overhead. That means it is possible for you to receive thousands of quality plans for around the price of one plan in the brick & mortar world.

After having all the materials needed, you can now lay the wood on your work table and place the pattern on it. Just make sure that pattern is exact. After drawing the shape, you can now draw the puzzles onto the main shape of the toy.

Building yourself a full size toy such as this can be demanding, even for a seasoned do it your self er like me. But time and effort can be saved to a large degree by buying rocking horse plans. I know many people who work with wood in there spare time, i guess you could call it there hobby and all would agree that if you are a novice when it comes to building anything out of wood, you need a set of plans.

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