Rocking Horse Plans – Rocking Horse Plans

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Wood Rocking Horses Becoming More Scarce?

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Which ever route you decide to go, kit or no kit; the rocking horse has been a favorite project of woodworkers everywhere for a long time, so have fun with it.

Wood rocking horses can be built in all kinds of shapes and sizes, from very small ones for tiny children to substantially larger ones for bigger kids. There are varying styles to be found, too, from simple and basic flat designs all the way to sculpted, hand-carved masterpieces. It all depends on your skill level and the woodworking ideas you bring to your workshop plans.

Queen Victoria was the woman responsible for making the rocking horse famous. She had given her children dapple-gray rocking horses. Once the rocking horse obtained the young royal seal of approval, everyone had to have a dapple-gray rocking horse. At first, only the wealthy could afford these state-of-the-art toys. They were hand crafted in small numbers until the industrial age hit and mass production made the rocking horse available to the public.

A Toy Every Child Loves

Over the years many different materials have been used for rocking horse plans but the finest examples are undoubtedly made from wood. Some early examples now fetch thousands of dollars, with some magnificent examples of craftsmanship which are not evident in new models.

Good Plans Are A Necessity

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