Round Dining Tables – dining table plans

The Use

Maybe you have a smaller family and there are no immediate plans for “expansion” in the future. Then, what would be a great choice for you is a dining table that has a round or square shape that seats just a few people, like between four to six people. If there does happen to be a chance that you might need some more space for unexpected dinner guests, you can always get one with an expansion feature.

If you tend to serve to large groups of people you might consider an extension table. Extension tables are handy because under normal situations you can leave it at the standard size seating four and leaving your room with lots of open space but when the need arrives you can quickly make your table large enough to serve the hole gang in a pleasant and comfortable environment.

In today’s hectic world, families have jammed packed schedules that try to accommodate each member’s activities. Quite often, by accommodating the individual family member’s needs, time for the whole family to spend together is often sacrificed, put on hold, or decided to be something ‘we’ll do later.’ One way to fix this is to use dining tables as a way to bring the family together – they can be the central place in your home for your family.

The most important factor in buying a new round dining table has to be the size. After all when you think about it, the dining table is one of the largest single pieces of furniture in most homes.

Workmanship is also critical in your choice. Quality is very important. This is the advantage of making a hands-on inspection when you go around furniture and home improvement stores. If you plan to shop online, make sure that you read their policy on replacement and exchange due to defects in craftsmanship. If you are having the table custom built, make sure that everything important in your deal is properly covered. It is better to take care of everything beforehand. Do your best to avoid any misunderstanding of the terms and conditions of your transaction. Don’t hesitate to ask by phone or email.

The most common activity the family does at the dining table is eating meals. Make this time together more special by incorporating fun activities. For example, have each family member create the dining table’s centerpiece. Alternate turns every few weeks or every month – whatever your family decides. You could also plan a time where everyone helps make a festive or seasonal centerpiece for the dining table for a special holiday meal.

Detailing your requirement should also include the other accessories requirement. Do you need serving tables? Do you have the space to accommodate them or do without due to space constraint? Think of all these things and be sure of what is the best fit.

Alternatively if you want an intimate, casual and friendly atmosphere for a group of six then allowing a large amount of space for each diner won’t work. You’ll need to get something which has a diameter of 1200mm and can be extended to fit eight people around it.

o Allot at least 10″ in the middle of the table for decorating and side dishes.