Running Workshops – workshop plans

2. Consider budget

You will be amazed at the life experiences of your students and what you can learn from them. Stay open to this possibility.

If you do have the space and can incorporate a workshop with other uses, such as a garden or wood shed, the extra space will free up crowded space used in your garage. Workshops can also be built tall for overhead storage and mounting necessary equipment.

A workshop does not have to be any exact size and many woodworkers have created a perfect haven for working on their projects in spaces that are uniquely designed. A workbench does not have to be one straight section of permanent wood. One idea for creating space in a small space is using an instant wood tabletop that measured 24″ x 48″ x ¾”. Pieces like this can be found at a building warehouse and are great for making movable workstations.

3. When you are selling workshops, call interested niche businesses and ask to talk with either the human resources director or the appropriate department head. First you might consider sending a letter and then follow up with the phone call later.

Ensure your event space is well served by good transport links or has parking facilities. Make it easy for attendees to attend and provide them with a good printable map with transport and parking information in your pre-workshop delegate pack.

Assigning responsibilities to each of the content generated within the workshop as well as who is the owner

You should also make sure that time is in your side when creating your own garage workshop plans. Some people are able to start their projects and actually get as far as clearing the space necessary for the garage workshop but they are then overtaken by today’s need for rushing things and being busy.

10 – End without a positive conclusion

All the risk event descriptions should find their way into your risk register. This can be done in several ways. You can have the groups elect a spokesperson who articulates each risk event description to you (and the rest of the team) as you type it into the register. You can type in the risk event descriptions into your register while the team is having its break. You could provide each group with a copy of the register and have the group type it in. The advantage of having the groups articulate each risk event description to you is the tendency this will have to stimulate conversation – this is still a brainstorming session. The advantage of typing them in on your own is the reduction in the time the team spends in the workshop. Choose a strategy that best suits your circumstances.