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The only way to ensure that assets left for a family member who is unable to manage their own finances due to mental, physical, or emotional disability may be to place them under the care of a qualified professional who will manage and conserve the assets for the beneficiary. The key here is selecting the right trustee. The trustee must walk a tight line in preserving the trust assets, providing for the beneficiary, and maintaining the beneficiaries eligibility for government programs. Excessive distributions from the trust could reduce or eliminate eligibility but a trustee who is too frugal would frustrate the parent’s intent. Therefore, it is vital that the trustee be well versed in estate planning law as well as the rules governing the social security administration and the various state counterparts. The trustee should also communicate regularly with the beneficiary and be the “point person” coordinating the efforts of doctors, financial advisors, therapists, and government agencies. The funds in the trust must be prudently spent on items to enhance government benefits but must never appear to be replacing them.

9. Name Badges – Prepare name badges for the children – the children will know who everyone is and you may, but your helpers will probably not.

Getting to establish a relationship with your step-child takes time and patience, and the first step to doing this is making them a part of the most special day in your life.

Couples who are getting married to a spouse with a child or children from a previous marriage or relationship, may find themselves dealing with the complications that come with having step children. According to the National Step-Parenting Association, over 25% of brides and grooms today, have children from a previous marriage. Some complications that are expected include the children feeling left out or threatened at the loss of their parent’s attention and time. These children may feel they are no longer loved or wanted by their parent despite the best of intentions. Being the “new face” in the family unit can become a challenge for everyone.

10. Religious training

4. A schedule of the time the children will spend with each parent and transportation provisions

This is good if you are working with younger children. Because it may be difficult to hold their interest for long periods of time, try to prepare to “woodwork shop” before they get in. Cut the wood boards to make the bird house, for example, and drill small holes where the nails are going to be to make it easier for them if they are going to do this part. They will enjoy painting the finished product, so have some latex paint and some brushes handy.

Then have the kids paint something on the pieces, such as a house or an animal. You can also have them paint the back of the pieces all the same color and the bottom of the tray. Once the paint is dry, they can mix the pieces and try to redo the puzzle on the tray. Kids will enjoy this kind of project where they can say that they did it all by themselves.

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